Where to find and catch Mammorest in Palworld

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palworld mammorest location

Palworld’s Mammorest is a hulking mammoth-like creature that many players will want to tame – here are the locations where it’s likely to be found.

As Palworld continues to break records in Steam Early Access, players are becoming better acquainted with the vibrant fantasy world.

One of the experience’s essential aspects centers on finding and capturing creatures. And some players may consider the Mammorest Pal among the more vital finds, particularly given its various uses.

The Mammorest boasts a fair few utilities, chief among them being the player’s ability to ride it. Better still, when mounted atop a Mammorest, users should find that they’re more efficient at mining and lumbering. For those interested in finding the Grass elemental, here’s what you need to know.

How to find and catch the Mammorest in Palworld

Roaming Mammorest Pals should be easy to spot across several regions in Palworld. They inhabit the map’s northern, southeast, south, and some western regions.

Their locations are marked in green on the map featured below:

palworld mammorest location
Mammorest locations.

The Mammorest can prove a difficult Pal to capture even for skilled players. Thus, getting one to a lower state of health is the ideal way to go before casting a Pal Sphere.

Of course, Hyper Spheres can help tremendously in this regard, as they allow users to more easily capture higher-level creatures. But since this enhanced model doesn’t unlock until Level 27, those earlier in the game should try a different approach.

As a Grass-type elemental, the Mammorest is especially weak against fire attacks. Fire-type Pals should prove useful, as a result, along with weapons like the fire crossbow, which unlocks at Level 15.

Players should note, however, that Mammorest Pals often spawn near alpha bosses. Those going after the mammoth-esque beasts will want to remain on guard at all times.

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