Strongest Pals in Palworld

Eliana Bollati
Palworld Grizzbolt holding gatling gun

Every type of Pal in Palworld has its own unique abilities, traits and stats. But obviously some Pals are stronger in some areas than others. Here’s a look at the strongest Pals for combat, working at the base, and the some of them make great all-rounder Pals too.

Palworld’s 137 Pals run the gamut from cute to creepy, meaning there’s a Pal for just about every player’s tastes. But for some, it doesn’t matter what a Pal looks like, it matters what it does.

There are many ways to play the game, after all. While simply catching Pals and building cool bases is enough for some, others prefer to get into the nitty gritty, tailoring their Pal parties for maximum efficiency.

For those looking to keep the sturdiest and fiercest pals on hand for any situation, here’s the strongest Pals for combat, to have in base.

Strongest Pals for combat

This selection of Pals is the cream of the crop when it comes to fighting. Here’s the strongest Pals for combat.

Jormuntide Ignis

Jormuntide Ignis in Palworld

There’s no contest for the strongest Pal in terms of combat. Jormuntide Ignis is one of the most powerful and versatile Pals a player can keep in their party. As both a Fire and Dragon Element Pal, its flexibility make it a formidable foe.

An SS tier Pal for combat, its also one of the strongest Pals to have in base and a fantastic mount, making it one of the strongest all-rounder Pals too.


Frostallion in Palworld
Frostallion is a Legendary Pal for a reason.

The Legendary Pal Frostallion easily deserves a place among the strongest Pals in the game. It’s Partner Skill, Ice Steed, converts the player’s attacks to Ice, and provides a damage boost.

It’s also a great base worker, and the second-fastest mount in Palworld. But combat is where Frostallion really shines.


Jetragon Pal as seen in Palworld trailer.
You won’t find a faster flying mount than Jetragon.

Jetragon is undeniably the strongest all-rounder Pal by the stats. It has the ability to learn two of the games most powerful AoE attacks: Fire Ball and Beam Comet. With access to Lv. 3 Gathering, it makes a great base worker too.

Ranked SS for combat, and A-tier for working. It’s also the fastest mount in game. Making it a perfect pick for those who want a Pal who can really do it all.


Palworld Anubis using power

Anubis is an SS tier Pal who can do just about everything, except carry players on its back. It’s also breedable by around level 20, making it a powerful choice for a strong Pal during the mid-game.

With varied work suitability, it does well in base too. But its ability to dodge and the additional Ground damage it provides make it one of the strongest Pals for combat.


As the game’s fastest ground mount, Palladius is a no brainer for those looking for a strong combat Pal who can also help with exploring the map.

It’s Neutral Element type means it’s handy in end game combat. And it’s the only Pal with access to Triple-Jump


Palworld Astegon Wumpo

Astegon is a Dark/Dragon Element Pal, and while it is a little slower than other Pals which players can ride, it’s a great base worker and no slouch in combat. Astegon’s dual typing means it’s viable even in the late game. With an overall ranking of A-tier, Astegon is one of the strongest all-rounder Pals to keep in a party.

Strongest Pals in base

Looking for Pals to keep the base running smooth? Look no further. While these Pals aren’t great for combat, they’re some of the strongest Pals to keep in base.



The strongest Pal players can keep in base, with the most varied Work Suitability of any Pal in the game, Beegarde has access to almost every Work Suitability at Lv. 1, as well as Transporting at Lv. 2.

On top of that, its Partner Skill means it will produce honey whenever it’s assigned to the Ranch. Perfect for those looking to breed Pals too, as honey is needed to bake a cake.


Lyleen in Palworld
Lyleen’s varied Work Suitability make them a strong choice for the base.

Lyleen’s exceptionally varied Work Suitability is what makes it one of the strongest Pals in base. Its access to Medicine Production makes it truly useful in helping with Pal management.

It’s a surefire pick for players who want to keep crops rotating, and Pals at the base healthy and happy.


Grizzbolt in Palworld
Grizzbolt is one of the strongest Pals for the base, especially during Palworld’s end game.

One of the strongest Pals for base work during the end game, Grizzbolt’s variety of Work Suitability includes Lv. 2 Handiwork and Lv. 3 Generating Electricity.

While not quite as fast as other mounts in the game, his Partner Skill, Yellow Tank, does give players access to the minigun, which makes him very useful for base defense too.

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