Where to find and catch Wumpo in Palworld

Rishov Mukherjee
An image of Wumpo from Palworld

Wumpo is one of the multitude of Pals that you can find and catch in Palworld. Here is a guide on where to find Wumpo and how to catch them in the game.

Palworld is the brand new Pokemon-type game that has taken over the world by storm. The game is currently the most popular and most played title out there as players are getting hit by nostalgia as well as fun gameplay.

As it happens, the core objective of Palworld is to catch Pals and one of them that you can find in the game is Wumpo. This is a Ice type Pal that can be used for Lumbering, Handiwork, Cooling, and Transporting. If you want to find and catch a Wumpo, we have you covered.

A screenshot from the game Palworld
Wumpo location in Palworld revealed

How to find Wumpo in Palworld

Wumpo being an Ice-type, you can find it in the snowy regions of the game. The location where you catch a Wumpo is the Tundra region of the map. This is marked in the image provided below. You can find Wumpo pretty much scattered around this region, which means it will be very easy to encounter one.

Unfortunately, this is the only region where you can find Wumpo and it cannot be caught anywhere else. There is also a variant of this Pal known as Wumpo Botan, but that cannot be found here.

A screenshot of the Palworld world
Wumpo can be found in the Tundra region of the game

However, being an Ice type Pal, you will have to come prepared to catch it. Wumpo is weak to fire and you should carry a Pal of a similar elemental type. You should not face much trouble while trying to capture a Wumpo either, though carrying multiple Pal spheres is always recommended.

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