Where to Find and Catch Surfent in Palworld

Ishan Vashishth
surfent Water-type Pal palworld

Surfent is a unique water element Pal known for its impressive abilities and strategic utility. In this guide, we’ll navigate the specific locations and effective techniques to find and catch Surfent, enhancing your experience in Palworld.

In the realm of Palworld, Surfent is not just another creature; it’s a rare and valuable ally. It boasts skills like “Hydro Jet” and “Dragon Cannon” that are crucial in battles. Finding Surfent requires a keen understanding of its preferred habitats and an effective strategy for capture.

The journey to capture Surfent takes patience and precision. With its preference for specific environments and limited spawning, knowing where to look is half the battle won. Let’s explore the intricacies of locating and capturing Surfent in Palworld.

surfent map location palworld
You can find a few Surfents in this specific location.

Surfent’s Location and Capturing Methods in Palworld

Surfent is predominantly found around the shore in the water at precise coordinates -128, -462. This location is a hotspot for Surfent, offering players numerous opportunities to challenge and capture them in the game

The specific nature of this habitat means that while Surfent is somewhat plentiful here, encounters are still precious due to their limited number.

Here are some additional tips for successfully capturing Surfent:

  • Utilize a Crossbow, ideally the Uncommon Crossbow, to deal moderate damage without overdoing it.
  • A Metal Spear can serve as a secondary weapon, offering controlled damage.
  • Equip metal armor and a shield for protection, as Surfents in these locations are typically above level 10.
  • Giga Spheres are recommended to increase catch chances, especially considering the lower effectiveness of standard Pal Spheres.

Finding and capturing Surfent in Palworld is an endeavor that requires specific knowledge about its habitat and a thoughtful approach to capture. By targeting the -128, -462 coordinates and employing the recommended capturing strategies, you can successfully add this valuable and powerful Pal to your collection.

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