Where to find and catch Ragnahawk in Palworld

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Ragnahawk in Palworld.

In the vast world of Palworld, the Ragnahawk stands as a game-changer among Fire-type Pals. However, capturing a Ragnahawk is no walk in the park. This guide will help you understand exactly where to find this elusive Pal in the game.

The Ragnahawk’s ability to confront powerful bosses and infuse attacks with fiery prowess when used as a flying mount makes it a highly sought-after companion. However, using it as a mount will require you to reach Technology Level 37.

The journey with Ragnahawk doesn’t just end with capturing; players can even breed this formidable Pal. However, for that you need to unlock the ability to breed Ragnahawk by reaching Technology Level 19 and establishing a Breeding Farm.

Here is all you need to about finding and capturing Ragnahawk in Palworld.

How to find and catch Ragnahawk in Palworld

Ragnahawk spawn locations in Palworld.
Ragnahawk spawn locations in Palworld.

Ragnahawks can be encountered in the Volcanic biome, situated in the southwestmost region of the Palworld map. The highest concentration of Ragnahawks can be found on the west side of the biome, particularly around the territories neighboring the formidable Jetragon boss.

When attempting to capture a Ragnahawk, use Water-type Pals and opt for Hyper Sphere. While Giga Spheres can also be effective, Ragnahawks tend to escape from them unless they are on the brink of defeat.

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