Where to find and catch Kitsun in Palworld

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The allure of Palworld is undeniable, especially with elusive Pals like the Fire-type Kitsun offering unparalleled traits for those lucky enough to capture it. This guide unveils how to secure Kitsun for your collection.

The unexpected success of Palworld, achieving one of the highest concurrent player counts on Steam, illustrates the game’s appeal. Fans admire the unique combination of remarkable creature capture with a survival twist.

A big part of that will almost certainly be the desire among players of the game to collect as many Pals as possible. Though some are easy to secure immediately, others require a little more work, and Kitsun is certainly one of those.

If you want to add Kitsun to your Paldeck, read on for exactly how to do so.

Where to find Kitsun in Palworld

Though we don’t have too much specific data at this point, Kitsun is absolutely one of the most difficult standard Pals to track down. The first thing to do is don warm clothes and head to the mountain towards the Northeast of the map.

A map marking the location of Kitsun in Palworld

Kitsun is a relatively rare spawn that occurs exclusively in this location and only at night, so make sure the sun has gone down before starting a hunt. There are other Pals that spawn in the area, and it looks like it may be on the same rotation as those, though this isn’t confirmed.

How to catch Kitsun in Palworld

Use a Water-type Pal once you’ve found it to make the fight easier and it should be an achievable capture midway to the level cap. Penking or Azurobe are particularly effective choices if you have access to either when you set out on the hunt.

The other, less reliable way to get Kitsun is simply to hatch it out of an egg. As a Fire-type, they can only be hatched from Scorching Eggs, though both the normal and large variety should work for this.

That’s all there is to know about tracking down and securing Kitsun in Palworld! Be sure to check out our other Palworld content to stay ahead of the competition:

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