Where to find and catch Blazehowl in Palworld

Eliana Bollati
Palworld Pal, Blazehowl

Blazehowl is an A-tier, Fire-type Pal who does more than just light your campfires for you in Palworld — it’s one of the Pals you can use as a mount to explore the map, too.

Palworld’s setting, the Palpagos Islands, has a bunch of different biomes for players to explore. Each one boasts its own unique Pals and materials to gather, meaning most players are keen to cover as much of the map as they can as quickly as possible.

Some Pals come with a Partner Skill that lets players use them as mounts to make exploration faster. Blazehowl’s Partner Skill, the Hellfire Lion, lets you climb up on this Fire Element type Pal to discover Palpagos. On top of that, Blazehowl also has two Work Suitability skills, so they’re a versatile A-tier Pal to add to anyone’s collection.  Plus, they’re a strong Pal to have at your side when facing off against tower bosses.

Blazehowl has Kindling and Lumbering. Kindling is work requiring fire, like refining ore or cooking — both are essential for players who want to craft the best equipment. Lumbering, as the name suggests, lets Blazehowl cut down trees to generate Wood or Fiber. Both materials are important resources for players to stock up on too.

Palworld world map with Mount Obsidian marked
Players can find Blazehowl around Mount Obsidian, but be ready, because it’s a high-level spawn.

How to find Blazehowl

Blazehowl can be found all over Mount Obsidian, there’s a high chance of spotting one near the fast travel points. Try searching for one near the Beach of Everlasting Summer or the Eternal Pyre fast travel points.

How to catch Blazehowl

As a Fire Element type Pal, Blazehowl’s biggest counters are Water Element Pals. An Azurobe is probably one of the best picks if you want a fast battle, but a catch should be achievable even with other Water Element Pals, as long as they’re sufficiently leveled.

Blazehowl tend to spawn at levels around the high-twenties to mid-thirties, so bring plenty of spheres along!

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