Where to find and catch Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld

Raissa Jerez
palworld vanwyrm cryst

Some of the best Pals like Vanwyrm have different variations, such as Vanwyrm Cryst, its Ice/Dark-type counterpart that only spawns during nighttime. If you want to add this cool creature to your Palworld team, here’s its exact location.

Palworld has plenty of features to offer players while they explore Palpagos Island, and even though the survival part of it is captivating, the game’s main core is to capture all the Pals available in the Paldeck.

There are plenty of different Pals, and some of them have type variations, like Vanwyrm. This Fire/Dark-type creature has an Ice/Dark-type counterpart that only spawns in a specific area and during nighttime, such as other nocturnal beasts like Tombat, Depresso, and Grintale.

To help you get yourself a Vanwyrm Cryst in the game, here’s everything you need to know about where to find it and how to catch it.

How to find Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld

This flying monster is a well-desired one, not just because of its double typing, but also because of how useful it is during the exploration portion of the game thanks to the flying mount.

palworld vanwyrm cryst location
Palworld Vanwyrm Cryst location on the map.

However, you won’t be able to find it until you’ve invested a good amount of time in Palworld, as it only spawns in the Forgotten Mineshaft, an area you can access once you’re above level 35.

How to catch Vanwyrm Cryst: battle tips

Going after this Pal’s wild spawn will be hard, as you’ll usually encounter it between levels 37 and 39, if not higher.

In order to raise its catch rate, you’ll have to lower its health before throwing your Pal Sphere, and as a dual Ice/Dark-type Pal, you’ll be able to deal damage with a Fire or Dragon-type, or maybe one that has both like Jormuntide Ignis. However, be mindful when picking your team, as Dragon-type Pals also happen to be weak to Ice-type ones.

Vanwyrm Cryst palworld paldeck
Vanwyrm Cryst Paldeck entry.

Remember to bring along plenty of Legendary Spheres, as well as top-notch weapons to help your Pal lower its HP fast, and be careful not to kill it, because you won’t be able to catch it and will be forced to find another Vanwyrm Cryst and start all over again.

This Pal is definitely a tough fighter to have in your team, plus it has a very useful Partner Skill called Aerial Marauder, which increases the damage you deal to enemy weak points while mounted on its back.

Otherwise, if you keep it in your base, it will help you out with Cooling and Transporting, which is not much, so you better start training it.

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