Where to find and catch Reptyro in Palworld

Titas Khan
cover image featuring the reptyro in Palworld

Reptyro is an A-tier Pal in the game, however, catching one can be a little tricky if you don’t know where to look. To help you add this double Fire/Ground-type Pal to your team, here’s Reptyro’s exact location in Palworld.

Since the game’s release, Palworld has created massive hype by becoming the top-selling game on Steam during its first week out, so it’s safe to say that the concept of ‘Pokemon with guns’ has seemed to connect with a lot of players.

Palworld offers players an extensive world to explore by allowing them to roam Palpagos Island however they like. Plus, they can capture various kinds of monsters that can be used for either fighting or working in their bases. One such monster that you will encounter in the game is Reptyro.

Reptyro is a Fire/Ground-type Pal that can help you increase ore farming efficiency in Palworld thanks to its Ore-loving Beast Partner Skill. Additionally, you can also mount this beast to travel across the map in search of other Pals and resources.

Having said that, let’s dive in and check out where you can find and catch a Reptyro in the game.

A screenshot from the game Palworld
You can capture various monsters to work or fight in Palworld.

How to find Reptyro in Palworld

Featuring a Level 3 Mining skill, Reptyro is one of the best monsters for mining ores and resources in Palworld. More so, this gigantic fire turtle also has a Level 3 Kindling skill, making it a very essential monster to have in your base.

To find a Reptyro in Palworld, you will need to travel to the Volcanic Regions on the southwestern part of the map, as that is the only place where you can find these monsters.

image featuring the map of Palworld
You can find Reptyro in the volcanic region towards the southwest side of the map.

How to catch Reptyro: battle tips

You should note that in order to catch a Reptyro, you will first need to attack the monster and lower its health before throwing the Pal Sphere at it. Additionally, be mindful that you don’t accidentally kill it as you won’t be able to capture it then.

The average level for this beast is between levels 30 and 35, so make sure you have a proper Water or Grass-type team and strong weapons available. However, keep in mind that as part Fire-type, Reptyro will destroy your Grass Pals.

So, there you have it, that’s all there is to know about finding and capturing a Reptyro in Palworld. Make sure to check out our other helpful Palworld guides below:

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