How to find and catch Elphidran in Palworld

James Lynch
Elphidran in Palworld

As one of the game’s Alpha Pals, it’s a little easier to track down Elphidran than other rare creatures. That said, its gentle demeanor does not make it easier to catch. Here’s everything you need to know before setting out to add it to your collection in Palworld.

With over 111 Pals to collect, players are racing to complete their Paldecks by the Level 50 cap. With Legendary Pals, Alpha Pals and many others to attain, it’s no easy task, and many of the creatures on the Palpagos Islands are aggressive and very dangerous.

That said, Elphidran certainly isn’t one of them. This Alpha Pal is surprisingly docile and makes a pretty adorable, if intimidatingly enormous, friend once it has been captured. At Level 30, it should be relatively easy to get during the mid-game, if players are well prepared enough.

Read on for everything there is to know about securing your very own Elphidran.

How to find Elphidran in Palworld

As with all Alpha Pals in the game, it is easy to track down the Alpha Pal once it has been located, thanks to the large marker that appears on the map. In Elphidran’s case, the Pal is located in a large clearing, just North of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate on the main island. The exact location is marked below on the map.

Elphidran location in Palworld

How to catch Elphidran: Battle tips

As a Dragon-type, Elphidran is naturally weaker against Ice-type Pals, so bring one along for adequate backup. Reindrix, Sibelyx and Cryolinx are the ideal companion choices here, but failing that Mau Cryst is a nice option that should be able to hold Elphidran’s attention while you lay down damage from a distance.

The large battle area should make it relatively easy to avoid attacks. Just stay out of the way as much as possible, and it should be quite easy to whittle the health bar down enough to make this Alpha Pal catchable.

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