Where to find and catch Vanwyrm in Palworld

James Lynch

Despite having one of the oddest descriptions in Palworld, Vanwyrm is absolutely worth getting thanks to its Flying mount and Partner Skill. So, if you’re looking to add it to your team or base, here’s all of the information you’ll need, including Vanwyrm’s precise location in Palworld.

The Paldeck description for Vanwyrm states that “the melodies of a flute made from the exoskeleton of a Vanwyrm are said to cross the whole mountain ranges. In ages past, such flutes were used to signal an attack.” Grim connotations of that aside, it’s a hugely useful pal to catch in Palworld.

It’s one of the few Pals that allows players to use it as a flying mount and it can happily be spotted and caught relatively early on.

The ease that it provides as a method of transportation more than justifies going after it specifically so here’s everything you need to know about how to find and capture this elusive and strange Pal.

How to find Vanwyrm in Palworld

Vanwyrm can be found near the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster and Mount Obsidian Midpoint teleport points.

The best way to find them early on in the game is to head toward the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster, which is located in a forested region near the center of the map. Here you’ll encounter plenty of them at levels in the mid-10s.

The other option is to visit the eastern side of Mount Obsidian, though you will need to be at a higher level to beat those strong mobs.

How to catch Vanwyrm: battle tips

As a Fire/Dark-type, Vanwyrm is weak against either Water or Dragon-type Pals, so the ideal creature for the job is Jormuntide, which satisfies both of those criteria and should be able to take on Vanwyrm easily.

Azurobe is another Water/Dragon-type that outputs great damage and is a great fallback if Jormuntide isn’t available or in case it dies during combat.

As always, make sure to take solid-range weapons with you to start outputting damage early, while Vanwyrm is in the sky. It is relatively quick, so stay wary of its attacks. Otherwise, it is a relatively simple catch.

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