Where to find & catch Wumpo Botan in Palworld: Exact spawn location

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wumpo botan palworld where to find

Palworld’s Wumpo Botan is an enigmatic Grass-type creature that adventurers will be eager to encounter, and this guide will tell you exactly where to find it.

With Palworld’s expansive environment captivating players around the globe, the intricacies of its biomes continue to intrigue and challenge. One part of the map is home to the elusive Wumpo Botan, a creature whose grace and abilities make it a sought-after companion for any journey.

The Wumpo Botan isn’t just a majestic creature to behold; it offers a plethora of practical applications for players. It is known for its high-level work capabilities in lumbering and transporting, making it an indispensable ally for resource gathering and item movement.

On top of that, its inherent cooling ability is a unique trait that can be leveraged in various gameplay aspects.

Here’s your guide on how to locate and catch Wumpo Botan in Palworld.

How to find Wumpo Botan: spawn location

The Wumpo Botan thrives on an isolated Ice island in Palworld, marked below on the map. This locale is as beautiful as it is treacherous, so players must come prepared for the icy conditions.

Palworld Wumpo Botan Location
Here’s where to find Wumpo Botan in Palworld.

Wumpo Botan counters

Allying with a Wumpo Botan is a test of a player’s strategic acumen. The creature’s Grass-type nature means that those seeking to befriend it should consider using counter-elements to weaken it without causing permanent harm, such as fire-type moves.

Since Wumpo Botans are capable of learning a variety of powerful skills, including Wind Cutter and Aqua Gun, they’re not only valuable for their utility but also their combat prowess.

Wumpo Botan work suitability & skills

Once you have captured a Wumpo, you’re going to need to know what it’s good for.

Wumpo Botan are not only impressive in their stature but also come with unique drops and skills that make them desirable. They can drop the Lettuce Seeds, Tomato Seeds, and Beautiful Flower, which are valuable for various crafting and trading purposes.

Work Suitability

  • Handiwork, Lv2
  • Lumbering, Lv3
  • Transporting, Lv4
  • Planting, Lv 1


  • Wind Cutter, Lv 1
  • Aqua Gun, Lv 7
  • Seed Mine, Lv 15
  • Grass Tornado, Lv 22
  • Spine Vine, Lv 30
  • Aqua Burst, Lv 40
  • Solar Blast, Lv 50

Travelers should be aware that the Wumpo Botan, while tranquil by nature, can be fiercely protective of its territory. If you proceed with caution and follow this guide, you should be able to locate and catch one in no time!

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