Where to find and catch Dinossom Lux in Palworld

James Lynch
Dinossom Lux in Palworld

Dinossom is a relatively common Pal that roams throughout the starting area in Palworld. There is another version, though, that brings some new skills to the proverbial party. Here’s how to get it.

Variant versions of Pals are present throughout the game. Often achieved through the use of Fusion mechanics, these Pals have additional abilities, traits, and elements that make them suited to entirely different situations than their base versions.

Equally, these interesting creatures can often be caught out in the wild, and they are usually a lot more difficult to track down than their basic counterparts. As well as spawning at a higher level, they are usually in the more difficult areas of the map to reach.

This is everything you need to know to add Dinossom Lux to your collection.

How to find Dinossom Lux in Palworld

To track down Dinossom Lux, head Northeast from the starting area. This Pal can be found throughout the Desecrated Desert, usually around the entrances to the three mineshafts in the zone.

These are the Dessicated Mineshaft, Secret Mineshaft, and the Furthest Mineshaft, found at the locations marked on the map below.

How to catch Dinossom Lux: Battle tips

As a Dragon/Electric-type, Dinossom Lux is naturally weak against Ice or Ground element Pals. There are no Pals that currently have both types so picking one or the other is the only play here. Reindrix is an excellent Ice-type with solid damage output and interrupts, while Digtoise or Anubis are arguably the best Ground-type options.

Bring as many Giga Spheres or above as you can spare as the Dinossom can be a little tricky to catch, spawning at around Level 39. As they are in the desert, make sure to bring heat-resistant armor or clothing, as you will be hunting Dinossum Lux in the daytime.

How to breed Dinossom Lux

Happily, it is possible to create a Dinossom Lux via the Fusion system. Simply breed Dinossom with an Electric-type Pal of the opposite gender and they should produce one in relatively short order. Additionally, Large Lightning Eggs have a chance of hatching Dinossom Lux when collected from the wild.

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