Where to find and catch Azurobe in Palworld

Eliana Bollati
Palworld Azurobe Pal

Azurobe is a Water Element type Pal whose partner skill, Waterwing Dance, makes them well worth catching. It lets players use Azurobe as a mount to cross water zones on the map.

Palworld’s popularity has taken the internet by storm. With millions of players flocking to the shores of the Palpagos Islands to explore, capture, craft, and battle alongside their very own Pals. Each type of Pal comes with its own unique skills and work suitability. Which means it’s worth trying to catch at least one of each type.

Azurobe is a Water Element type Pal that doesn’t only let players ride it to cross water zones. Its partner skill, Waterwing Dance, applies Water damage to the player’s attacks while they’re mounted.

As you’d probably expect, Azurobe’s work suitability is Watering and is used for jobs like powering water wheels or watering plants.

Palworld map with Bridge of the Twin Knights marked
Azurobe can be found in the lake near the Bridge of the Twin Knights.

How to find Azurobe

You can find the Azurobe mini boss in the lake close by the Bridge of the Twin Knights fast travel point.

While you’ll spot Azurobe in the shallow part of the lake, it prefers the deeper waters and will move toward them. Players can follow it into the lake’s deeper waters, but remember, this will impact mobility during combat.

How to catch Azurobe

As a Water Element type, Azurobe is weakest to Electric and Ice Element type Pals. A pick like Beakon or Foxcicle is ideal for those wanting to get the battle over with quickly.

Azurobe is tricky to catch, even once its health is depleted. So, it’s recommended to at least have Giga Spheres unlocked before nabbing this Pal.