Where to find and catch Reindrix in Palworld

Kurt Perry
The Pal Reindrix from Palworld.

Powerful Ice type Pals are hard to come by in Palworld as they don’t spawn that frequently and typically only appear in specific regions. Reindrix is one of the strongest Ice types of all and this is how to find and catch Reindrix in Palworld.

Truth be told, there aren’t that many strong Ice-type Pals in Palworld. Penking offers an early game option and Frostallion excels in the late game, but worthwhile Pals that fill the huge gap in between are tough to find.

However, they do exist and Reindrix is one of the best examples with the majestic reindeer having both a strong moveset and great stats. It’s even got some interesting Work Suitability skills offering both Cooling level 2 and Lumbering level 2.

Here’s where you can find and catch your own Reindrix to use in Palworld.

Where to find Reindrix in Palworld

Reindrix can be found in one of two areas in Palworld, either around the Cold Shore fast travel point south of Palpagos Island’s large ice biome or atop Frostbound Mountain, a snow-covered mountain north of Verdant Brook.

Both of these areas pose unique challenges with Cold Shore having high-level wild Pals that can easily take you out if you’re careless. Meanwhile, Frostbound Mountain is a freezing cold region that will damage you unless cold resistance armor is equipped.

A map showing all of the locations where Reindrix can be found in Palworld.
Reindrix’s location in Palworld.

How to catch Reindrix in Palworld

Reindrix is a powerful Ice-type Pal with a low catch rate making it one of the hardest non-legendary Pals to catch in Palworld. To better your odds of a successful catch it is highly recommended to first weaken Reindrix using a strong Fire-type Pal and then throw higher-tier Spheres, ideally a Giga Sphere or better.

As for what Fire type you should use, just about any should suffice but powerful options include Jormuntide Ignis, Kitsun, and Ragnahawk. Before battling be sure to check that they have Fire-type Active Skills equipped to properly take advantage of the favorable type matchup.

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