Where to find and catch Quivern in Palworld

Cassidy Stephenson
Quivern in Palworld

Even though Quivern has a few spawning locations, finding and catching it is a thrilling challenge players must go through. If you want to get one fast, here’s Quivern’s exact location in Palworld and everything you need to add this strong Dragon-type Pal to your team.

Palworld has rapidly ascended the ranks on Steam, drawing a mixed response from the Pokemon community for its similar gameplay.

Palworld includes several boss fights, including Grizzbolt, Lyleen, and Orserk. Another example is the Dragon-type Pal named Quivern, which has a Partner Skill called Sky Dragon’s Affection. Quivern can also be used as a flying mount in addition to enhancing Dragon attacks while mounted.

If you’re looking to catch Quivern, here’s everything you need to know about where to find it and how to catch the Pal in the game.


Where to find Quivern in Palworld

Quivern is a very popular Dragon-type Pal in the game and luckily for players, there are a few ways to find it and catch it. However, the processes are not easy.

At level 23, it can be found as an Alpha Pal on the north side of the Bamboo Groves. Unlike other Alpha Pals, Quivern will not be walking around. Instead, it will be inside the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.

quivern palworld location

These Sealed Realms are special dungeons scattered around Palpagos Island that you’re taken to by using a glowing portal. Once inside, you’ll see a unique room with a gigantic version of the Pal you’re looking for.

Another Quivern can be found in the northwest Wildlife Sanctuary. You can easily reach it using the Ruined Fortress City Fast Travel point.

quivern palworld location 2

How to catch Quivern: battle tips

Considering Quivern is a sole Dragon-type Pal, it is weak against pure Ice-type attacks. We recommend using Pals like Sweepa, Swee, and Reindrix to lower its health, increasing its catch rate

Due to its relatively high level and to increase its catch rate, you’ll have to lower Quivern’s health before throwing your Pal Sphere. As a sole Dragon-type Pal, it is weak against pure Ice-type attacks, so we recommend using Pals like Sweepa, Swee, and Reindrix to take it down easily.

Be careful not to deplete its entire life bar because then you won’t be able to catch it and remember to bring along plenty of Giga or Hyper Spheres, as well as top-notch weapons to help your Pal lower its HP fast.

Quivern: All skills & weaknesses

Here is a rundown of all the skills and weaknesses of Quivern in Palworld:

  • Paldeck: No. 95
  • Partner Skill: Sky Dragon’s Affection (increases Dragon-type attack damage while mounted)
  • Work Suitability: Handiwork Level 1 / Transporting Level 3 / Gathering Level 2 / Mining Level 2
  • Food: 4/10
  • Possible Drops: High-quality Pal Oil
  • Skills: Spirit Fire, Grass Tornado, Aqua Burst, Draconic Breath, Dragon Cannon, Acid Rain.
  • Weakness: Ice-type Pals

That’s everything you need to know about Quivern’s location in Palworld. In the meantime, check out our other guides below:

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