Where to find and catch Eikthyrdeer Terra in Palworld

Kurt Perry
The Pal Eikthyrdeer Terra from Palworld.

Eikthyrdeer Terra is a strong Ground type Pal that takes one of the community’s favorite designs and makes it even better. Here’s where you can find and catch Eikthyrdeer Terra to add to your team in Palworld.

In addition to its range of unique designs, Palworld also has variants of certain Pals. These variants are a different Element type from their standard form and typically learn unique Active Skills.

Several Pal variants are extremely strong and worth catching. Some of the best examples include Relaxaurus Lux, Wumpo Botan, and Vanwyrm Cryst.

In addition to these is Eikthyrdeer Terra, a Ground-type version of the popular stag that has become a mainstay on many players’ teams thanks to its combined beauty and power.

How to find Eikthyrdeer Terra in Palworld

Eikthyrdeer Terra can only be found in the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary located to the south of the Palpagos Islands. This is a haven for Pals and it is considered criminal activity to step foot on the sanctuary, potentially earning you a Wanted status if caught.

Alternatively, a safer option is to breed Eikthyrdeer with Hangyu which guarantees that the offspring will be an Eikthyrdeer Terra. Breeding Pals requires a Breeding Farm, two compatible Pals of different genders, and plenty of cake.

Map of Eikthyrdeer Terra's location in Palworld.
Eikthyrdeer Terra’s location in Palworld.

How to catch Eikthyrdeer Terra in Palworld

As with all Pals that spawn on the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary, Eikthyrdeer Terra spawns at around level 20. This makes it less accessible than its regular counterpart but still relatively easy to catch in the grand scheme of things.

Most players will want to catch an Eikthyrdeer Terra using Mega Spheres though its somewhat forgiving catch rate makes using even Pal Sphere viable. It’s also recommended to bring along a suitably leveled Grass-type Pal to weaken Eikthyrdeer Terra and catch it more easily.

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