Where to find and catch Legendary Pal Jetragon in Palworld

James Lynch
Jetragon in Palworld

Jetragon is a non-fusion Legendary Pal in Palworld that poses a significant challenge to capture. Here’s all the information you require to find and catch Jetragon in Palworld.

Among Legendary Pals such as Necromus and Paladius, Jetragon stands out for its exceptional power and intricate design. It’s an essential addition for players at level 45 and above, with those at level 50 having a slightly easier time obtaining it.

Frostallion is arguably a more sensible target in the first instance, before moving on to Jetragon and finally, Necromus and Paladius, as they roam and fight together, increasing the challenge significantly. That said, with the right preparation and a reliable friend alongside you, capturing all four is a relatively achievable task.

Here’s all the information needed to add Jetragon to the collection.

How to find Jetragon in Palworld

As with all Legendary Pals, Jetragon can only be found in one very specific location on the map. Head West to the Obsidian Mountain, then to the far North-West tip of the island, as the map marker below illustrates.

The whole area is extremely hot and you’ll need Heat-Resistant Armor to stop the worst of the region’s effects.

Jetragon location map for Palworld

How to catch Jetragon: Battle Tips

In a slightly bizarre twist of fate, considering the spawn location, an Ice-type pal is the choice here as a hard counter to Jetragon’s Dragon-type. Another Legendary, Frostallion, is the best option here if you have it but failing that, Chillet and Ice Reptyro are good fallbacks.

Ultra Spheres are the only way to secure a Pal of this strength, so make sure to stock up as much as possible before heading out there. Rocket Launchers can be a little tricky to use effectively but any high-damage ranged weapon will work well.

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