Where to find and catch Dinossum in Palworld

Brianna Reeves
cover art for Palworld featuring a Dinossum.

The Dinossum in Palworld is a Pal well worth capturing as early in the game as possible – here are the locations where players are most likely to find one.

Palworld’s massive setting plays host to dozens upon dozens of Pals who can serve the needs of players in myriad ways. The Dinossum represents one such creature, coming in the form of a Grass-type dragon that dons a lovely flower hat.

Players can ride the bipedal dino, an ability that guarantees Grass attack boosts during combat encounters. Their planting and lumbering stats also make them perfect for certain work-related scenarios. Plus, defeating them could result in a few wheat seed drops.

For Palworld users looking to track down these lovable Pals, here’s what you need to know.

How to find and catch Dinossum in Palworld

Palworld players on the hunt for Dinossum locations should have no trouble encountering them fairly early in the game. The dinosaur-like creatures roam across the Palworld map’s northwest, south, and southeast locations, specifically heavily wooded areas.

On the map featured below, the Dinossum haunts are highlighted in green:

Palworld dinossum location
Dinossum locations.

Since Dinossums tend to wander in small packs, Palworld players may want to try isolating them before taking one on. Fortunately, they’re not too much trouble once the fighting starts – a few well-timed dodges and players should be good to go.

Weakening a Dinossum before throwing out a Pal Sphere to catch it is still probably the best way to handle these creatures, though – unless using a higher-level Sphere. This Pal’s status as a Grass-type means fire constitutes the ideal option for slowing them down in a pinch if necessary.

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