Where to find and catch Relaxaurus in Palworld

Liam Ho
Palworld Farming

If you’re looking for the most chill of Pals in all of Palworld, look no further than Relaxaurus, here’s how to find and catch one of the cool creatures.

Palworld is all about giving players an open landscape to roam about and craft to their own liking. With idyllic locales filled to the bring with interesting fauna known as Pals, you can easily find yourself getting lost in the world searching for various Pals to pick up and add to your army.

Not only will they fight for you, but they’ll help craft, build, and be butchers for you, truly being some of the most loyal companions an evil capitalistic mastermind could have.

However, if you’re looking for a more chill Pal whom you can really kick back with, maybe the Relaxaurus is more up your alley. Here’s where to find and catch a Relaxaurus in Palworld.

How to find Relaxaurus in Palworld

Relaxaurus tends to spawn frequently around the Ascetic Falls and Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon regions. They tend to move around a fair amount meaning there’s no specific spawn location for these Pals. However, you should be able to find them moving about these two islands.

Palworld World Map Relaxaurus

Relaxauruses are also a pretty large Pal, meaning you can identify them with their long necks and height.

How to catch Relaxaurus: Battle tips

As water dragons, Relaxaurus generally use standard Water Blasts to deal damage, alongside some Dragon Shots. Dodging these barrages is key to getting close and dealing damage to a Relaxaurus.

Outside of this, bringing grass types will always help with the battle, letting you whittle away at its health so you can capture it.

Normal Pal Spheres or Mega Spheres will work against Relaxaurus, so feel free to use whichever one better suits your resources at the time.

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