Where to find and catch Legendary Pal Paladius in Palworld

James Lynch
Paladius in Palworld

Legendary Pals in Palworld, such as Paladius, present an elevated level of challenge and power for players seeking the ultimate companions. Discover how to catch Paladius with our insights.

Palworld‘s release has profoundly impacted the gaming community, delivering a perfect blend of creature capture, action-packed combat, and survival strategy that has garnered a broad base of fans.

Despite ongoing controversies related to some of the similarities in design between Pals and Pokemon, the game is showing few signs of slowing down. Now, with some players already at Level 50 and others most of the way there, it’s finally possible to catch the game’s Legendary Pals.

Here’s everything you need to know to add Paladius to your collection.

How to get Paladius

As a Legendary Pal, Paladius can only be found in one specific area of the map. Head to the very northern tip of the Desecrated Desert, just beyond the small lake and it should be relatively easy to spot.

It will always be accompanied by Necromus, another Legendary Pal, and it’s impossible to fight one without the other. These two are arguably the last two to go for in the entire game, so make sure to be well-prepared.

Necromus & Paladius location Palworld

How to catch Paladius: Battle tips

The ideal Pal to bring into this battle is Astegon which, as the only Dark/Dragon-type in the game, proves to be a weakness for both Paladius and Necromus. Failing that, bring a pure Dragon-type to avoid Necromus becoming super effective against other Dark-types.

As is the case with all Legendary Pals, bring a ton of armor, high-powered ranged weapons and Ultra Spheres, to ensure they can be caught when you get the chance.

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