Where to Find and Catch Suzaku Aqua in Palworld

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As a fusion Pal, number 102b in the Palworld Paldeck, Suzaku Aqua is not just a rare find but also a powerful ally and a fantastic flying mount. In this guide, we’ll uncover the secrets to finding and catching Suzaku Aqua, a task that requires patience, strategy, and a bit of luck.

Suzaku Aqua is more than just an addition to your collection; it’s a testament to your skills in Palworld. Known for its strength and versatility, particularly in watering plants and operating machinery, Suzaku Aqua is a prized possession in the game

Navigating Palworld to find Suzaku Aqua involves two main methods: breeding and direct discovery. Each method has its nuances and requires specific steps to be successful. Let’s dive into how you can add this remarkable creature to your Palworld adventure.

huge damp egg in palworldHatching the Huge Damp Egg is one of the ways to get Suzaku Aqua in Palworld.

How to get Suzaku Aqua in Palworld

Acquiring Suzaku Aqua in Palworld can be achieved either through careful breeding or by finding its egg in specific locations. You can find the details for each method below:

Breeding Method:

  1. Capture a Suzaku: First, you need to capture a Suzaku, which can be found near Duneshelter at coordinates 403 and 304. Be prepared, as this is a high-level zone with dangerous Pals.
  2. Capture a Water-type Pal: Next, find a Water-type Pal of the opposite gender to your Suzaku. Options include Pals like Fuack, Penking, Gobfin, or Teafant.
  3. Breeding Setup: After capturing both Pals, unlock and build the Breeding Farm. Place both Suzaku and the Water Pal in the farm and supply them with Cake.
  4. Egg Incubation: The breeding process will yield an egg that needs to be placed in an Egg Incubator (obtainable at level seven) to hatch into Suzaku Aqua.
huge damp egg location in palworld mapThe shaded area shows the location of Huge Damp Egg in Palworld

Finding the Egg in the Wild:

Alternatively, you can find a Suzaku Aqua egg, known as the “Huge Damp Egg,” in the wild. While these eggs spawn randomly, certain locations like near No Man’s Trail (-126 and 141) and near Cold Shore (-13 and 32) have been successful spots for players. 

Once you locate the dark blue egg, place it in an incubator for 20 minutes to hatch your own Suzaku Aqua.

Regardless of your chosen method to aquire Suzaku Aqua in Palworld, the result is a powerful and versatile Pal that enhances your capabilities in the game. With Suzaku Aqua by your side, you’re well-equipped to tackle the diverse challenges of Palworld.

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