Where to find and catch Pyrin in Palworld

Ethan Dean
Pyrin Palworld

Pyrin is a fantastic mount and a combat machine that’s a worthwhile addition to any Pal Tamer’s roster. Here’s how to find and capture Pyrin in Palworld.

Palworld’s focus on creature collection should have you scrambling to fill your Paldeck with every Pal you see. Of course, some you’ll want to seek out for their power and utility.

Some Pals in Palworld are better for combat, others are better for tasks around your base like mining. One Pal that is pretty useful across the board is the Pyrin.

It has fantastic stats for combat, access to powerful moves, acts as a swift mount, and is useful for smelting Ingots for mid to late-game gear. Here’s where to find and catch Pyrin in Palworld.

How to find Pyrin in Palworld

Pyrin is a horse-like mount wreathed in flame so they spawn right where you’d expect them to. Pyrin can be found in a single location:

  • Mount Obsidion, north of the Ancient Civilization Ruins fast travel point

We’ve pinned Pyrin’s location on the map below.

Pyrin Location Palworld

How to catch Pyrin in Palworld: Battle tips

As a Fire-type pal, the obvious strategy for tackling Pyrin is to bring a strong Water-type Pal. We’d recommend heavy hitters like Jormuntide or Azurobe to really pack in the damage.

Pyrin has a pretty low catch rate so its worth boosting your catch rate with some Lifmunk Effigies. It’s also worth bringing some Giga Pal Spheres or better to make nabbing one easier.

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