Where to find & catch Eikthyrdeer in Palworld

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an image of Eikthyrdeer in Palworld

Eikthyrdeer is an S-Tier Neutral element Pal in Palworld and similar to other monsters, its skills can be of great help in your survival journey. Here’s how to find and catch an Eikthyrdeer in Palworld.

Palworld’s realm is filled with Pokemon-like monsters of various shapes and sizes, known as Pals, and come in various elemental types. The Neutral element is one of them and just like Direhowl, Eikthyrdeer also falls under the same category.

As the name suggests, an Eikthyrdeer resembles a deer and you’ll know you’ve successfully spotted one if you notice huge purple and blue antlers on top of its head. They are mostly found running in grasslands and become aggressive if you attack them, meaning you’ll need the right Pal in your team to catch it.

So, here’s a guide on how to find and catch an Eikthyrdeer in Palworld.

Eikthyrdeer locations in Palworld

How to find Eikthyrdeer in Palworld

To find an Eikthyrdeer in Palworld, roam around Sea Breeze Archipelago in the south, west of Verdant Brook and Sealed Realm of the Stalwart, or north of Cove Mineshaft. They appear both during the day and night.

We have marked the locations in the image to give you a better picture of Eikthyrdeer’s locations in Palworld. That’s the only way to get this monster in the game. However, you can breed it with a Hangyu to get an Eikthyrdeer Terra, a Ground-type variant of the same Pal.

How to catch Eikthyrdeer in Palworld

Since Eikthyrdeer’s element type is Neutral, it’s weak against Dark-type Pals. So, it will be ideal if you bring along Mau or another Pal of the Dark type to easily counter Eikthyrdeer and then catch it using a Pal Sphere.

Catching an Eikthyrdeer comes with many benefits like Lumbering or even using it as a mount. The best thing about this Pal is it can perform a double jump while mounted and its Guardian of the Forest partner skill also increases the efficiency of cutting trees.

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