Where to find and catch Blazamut in Palworld

Titas Khan
cover art featuring the Blazamut in Palworld.

Blazamut, a rare and powerful creature in Palworld, is found only in specific regions. Here’s everything you need to know to locate and catch this formidable monster.

Following Palworld’s launch, the game quickly climbed the charts on Steam. It has become a top seller in just a few days, reflecting its immense popularity among players due to its ‘Pokemon with guns’ concept.

The game allows you to catch various monsters that you can use for fighting or work. Additionally, the game offers a rather exciting world for you to explore and discover. One such exciting monster in this world is the Blazamut.

A fire-type Pal who also specializes in ore farming, Blazamut makes the ideal mountable Pal for your trips into the volcanic and fiery regions. Let’s dive in and check out all you need to know before setting out to capture Blazamut.

Palworld monsters
You will come across various monsters in Palworld with each one having its own set of unique skills and abilities.

How to find and capture Blazamut in Palworld

The Blazamut features a Level 4 Mining skill and a Level 3 Kindling skill, making it one of the best companions for your ore mining trips. To find a Blazamut, you have two options in Palworld. The first one is to visit the Scorching Mineshaft located towards the southwest of the Foot of the Volcano teleport point.

The other option that you have is to visit the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, which can be found on the northeastern corner of the map. Since the sanctuary is located on an island, you will need a flying Pal to ride and reach the island.

screenshot featuring the locations of the blazamut in Palworld.
These are the two spots on the Palworld map where you can find the Blazamut.

Given that the Blazamut is a fire type Pal, you should have a water-type pal to attack the monster and weaken its health before capturing it with your Pal Sphere. However, you should be mindful of not killing the monster accidentally, as you won’t be able to capture it then.

So, there you have it, that’s all there is to know about finding and capturing a Blazamut in Palworld. Make sure to check out our other helpful Palworld guides below:

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