Where to find and catch Grizzbolt in Palworld

Josh Tyler
Grizzbolt from Palworld.

Palworld’s Grizzbolt is one of the most elusive Pals in the game and a key boss. Here’s a guide on how and where to find and catch this rare Pal in the game.

Although catching Grizzbolt is possible early in the game, players who missed this opportunity can still capture it later and add it to their collection of unique Pals in Palworld.

For players who are seeking out Grizzbolt for its power in battle or mounting it for transportation across the world, we have you covered. So, here’s where you should go to find Grizzbolts in the wild and how best to catch them.

Where to find and catch Grizzbolt in Palworld

Grizzbolt Spawn Map

Grizzbolts can be found in Nature Preserve No. 1, which is one of the most unique areas of the Palpagos Islands. In the Nature Preserves, players can encounter the rarest Pals in the game, but they must move stealthily as capturing the Pals there is illegal.

Grizzbolts will be active at both night and day, so you don’t have to worry about waiting around for a specific time to catch one. However, you might be waiting around to find one since they’re so rare.

Grizzbolts tend to spawn at much higher levels, so players should bring a lot of Pal Spheres (or maybe even some Mega Spheres or Giga Spheres, if they can afford it).

With high health and defensive stats, Grizzbolt is going to be extremely difficult to weaken unless you are able to bring some Ground-type Pals to take it on.

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