Where to find and catch Mossanda Lux in Palworld

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Where to find Mossanda Lux in Palworld

Palworld, with its vibrant and diverse ecosystem, introduces players to the captivating Mossanda Lux, an Electric variant of the formidable Mossanda. Here is a guide on how you can find it and catch it.

Not even a week after its launch, Palworld has broken player count records and sold millions of copies for Pocketpair. At the time of writing, Palworld offers over 100 Pals to collect, and a vast array of skill sets to consider. While some Pals are extremely useful in battle, others offer various advantages that players can make use of.

Mossanda Lux in Palworld is an Electric variant of Mossanda. While Mossanda is green in color with a leaf on its head, Mossanda Lux is yellow with lightning as a mohawk on its head. You can check out our guide here if you’re planning to add Mossanda to your Paldeck as well in the game.

That being said, here is all you need to know to find Mossanda Lux in Palworld.

How to find and catch Mossanda Lux in Palworld

Mossanda Lux spawn locations in Palworld
Where to find Mossanda Lux in Palworld

Unlike many Pals scattered across Palworld, Mossanda Lux reveals itself primarily through its Alpha fight on Eastern Wind Island. Positioned on the far eastern edge of the map, this island hosts the formidable Alpha Mossanda Lux at Level 31. As a prudent strategy, players should be approximately level 28 to 30 before attempting this challenging encounter.

Mossanda Lux, being a World Boss, features a lower catch rate than its regular counterpart.
High-quality spheres, such as Giga or Hyper Spheres, enhance the chances of successful capture. Mossanda Lux is strong against Water Pals and weak against Ground Pals hence choosing a Ground type Pal might be useful.

Mossanda Lux’s attacks include an electrical sphere blast and a line of lightning strikes. Evading these requires swift movements — side-stepping for the former and rolling to the left or right for the latter.

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