All Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet and where to find them

Paradox Pokemon appearing in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company

One of the new features in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is Paradox Pokemon. If you’re wondering what these strange creatures are, here’s everything you need to know about the new phenomenon in the games, including a complete list of every Paradox Pokemon you can find.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have finally arrived, introducing loads of new creatures to battle with across the Paldea region, including the starter trio, the box art Legendaries, and a couple of Paldea forms.

There’s also a brand new category of creatures that players are referring to as Paradox Pokemon. These strange species might look familiar, but there’s plenty more to them than just another regional variant or evolution.

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Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about these mysterious creatures including a complete list of Paradox Pokemon you can encounter in Scarlet & Violet.

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Iron Treads, a Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company
An image of a Paradox Iron Treads in Scarlet & Violet.

What are Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet?

Paradox Pokemon are brand new Pokemon that bear a heavy resemblance to existing creatures. They appear to be divided into two groups: ‘Ancient’ for Pokemon Scarlet and ‘Future’ for Pokemon Violet.

These mysterious Pokemon are detailed in the Violet Book and Scarlet Book, which both feature records of an expedition to an “uncharted area” of Paldea from long ago.

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The most important thing to point out is that these Pokemon are an entirely new group of Pokemon with their own Pokedex entry and number. They’re not variants, regional forms, or evolutions.

You’ll find details of all the new Ancient and Future Pokemon in the tables below. We’ve also included links to guides on finding these creatures where possible.

All Ancient Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet

Here are all of the Paradox Pokemon you can encounter in Scarlet:

Great TuskGreat TuskGround/FightingProtosynthesis
Brute BonnetBrute BonnetGrass/DarkProtosynthesis
Sandy ShocksSandy Shocks in Pokemon ScarletElectric/GroundProtosynthesis
Scream TailParadox Pokemon Scream TailFairy/PsychicProtosynthesis
Flutter ManeParadox Pokemon Flutter ManeGhost/FairyProtosynthesis
Slither WingSlither WingBug/FightingProtosynthesis
Roaring MoonRoaring MoonDragon/DarkProtosynthesis

All Future Paradox Pokemon in Violet

Here are all of the Paradox Pokemon you can encounter in Violet:

Iron TreadsIron Treads Paradox PokemonGround/SteelQuark Drive
Iron MothIron Moth in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletFire/PoisonQuark Drive
Iron HandsIron HandsFighting/ElectricQuark Drive
Iron JugulisIron JugulisDark/FlyingQuark Drive
Iron ThornsIron ThornsRock/ElectricQuark Drive
Iron BundleIron Bundle Paradox pokemonIce/WaterQuark Drive
Iron ValiantIron ValiantFairy/FightingQuark Drive

Where to find Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

Paradox Pokemon can be found in various parts of The Great Crater of Paldea (Area Zero) at the center of the map, but only after you’ve completed the main game and the credits have rolled.

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The good news is that, unlike Legendary Pokemon, you can catch these Pokemon more than once. This means you don’t need to worry about accidentally defeating them when trying to catch them.

All of these Pokemon are considered to be very powerful, with many of them being on par with pseudo-Legendaries from previous games, so it’s always worth adding them to your collection.

It’s also worth pointing out that none of these Paradox Pokemon can evolve, even if the creature they’re based on can do so.

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