Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Co-op guide: How to invite friends to your world

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can engage in co-op play while exploring the Paldea region. Together, you can explore, battle, trade, and take on Tera Raids. Here is everything you need to know.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have made it easier and more immersive than ever to play with friends online. Unlike Pokemon Sword & Shield, which limited player interaction to Raid Den Battles and overworld sprites, Scarlet & Violet allow players to join up in teams of four to explore the Gen 9 world together.

It is important to note that players will need a Nintendo Online Membership to use any aspects of the game that require the internet. This includes online Tera Battles, Surprise Trades, and online Link Battles. However, once the subscription is active, these features are available 60 minutes into the game.

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Below is everything Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players need to know about co-op gameplay, and how to team up and explore with friends.

How to activate the Union Circle in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The first thing players will need to do is connect to the internet by opening the “X” menu and selecting the “Poke Portal”. From inside the online menu, the player must then hit the “L” bumper to activate online gameplay.

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After turning the internet on, players can begin co-op exploration by selecting the Union Circle option from the Poke Portal.

From here, a group can be formed, or the player can join a group already active online. Like with Tera Battles, forming Union Circle will populate a Link Code which can be found at the bottom left-hand area of the menu.

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Playing with up to four other trainers, players can travel and catch Pokemon species together, show off their companions, and even tackle story events. However, only the story events of the host are active, and can only be completed by the host.

Players can also trade and battle with each other while participating in the Union Circle, instead of just through the Link Battles that are part of the Poke Portal.

Players can even find and catch Shiny Pokemon while visiting another person’s game, though only one of the players participating will be able to catch it.

How to participate in co-op Tera Raid battles

Additionally, like in Sword & Shield, players will be able to join the Tera Raids of other players and open their own Raids up to players online. To play locally with friends, make sure you do not have the internet turned on.

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After interacting with the Tera Raid den, select “form a group”. Those participating will then need to enter the link code provided by the host.

It should be noted that while participating in a Union Circle, players will be able to see the active Tera Raid dens on other player maps. However, they will only be able to access their own map’s dens without an invite.

Players can also join online, teaming up with players all around the world by selecting the Tera Raid Battle option in the Poke Portal menu. These raids are from both Scarlet and Violet, and can also include event encounters from those who find and share them.

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