What is Terastallizing in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? Terastal phenomenon explained

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Pokemon Terastalize
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The Pokemon Presents show gave us our first glimpse at the Terastalize ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Here’s what we know about this new special ability.

Pokemon games often have a special battle move that serves as that generation’s gimmick and some are more fondly remembered than others. Following in the footsteps of Mega-Evolution, Z-Moves, and Gigamaxing, the latest special move in the series will be the Terastalize ability – something that allows your Pokemon to turn into crystal.

The Terastalize ability in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet changes the battle in certain ways, the most notable being it encases a Pokemon in crystal and gives it a new elemental typing that can turn the tide of battle.

The Pokemon Company
One starter Pokemon uses the Terastal phenomenon in battle.

What is Terastallizing in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Terastallizing is a new ability that each Pokemon in the Paldea region can use. You can Terastallize a Pokemon once per battle. After this, you’ll have to recharge your Tera Orb with crystals or by visiting a Pokemon Center before you can Terastallize again.

When Terastallizing, each Pokemon will have a giant crystal hat sprout from its head. Once it does, the Terastal phenomenon will give a boost to that Pokemon’s type, making their moves stronger. Some Pokemon will even change type once they Terastallize.

This all depends on that Pokemon’s individual Tera Type, which is an additional type that emerges when it Terastallizes. For example, an Eevee could remain Normal-type when it Terastallizes, but if their Tera Type is Water, then that Eevee will become a Water-type once they transform.

This mechanic will really give combat a shake-up, meaning preparing for battle based on knowledge of Pokemon types will be much harder to predict. It may look like you’re going into battle against a Normal-type, but that could change at any moment if it Terastallizes.

The presentation also confirmed that some Tera Types will be considered rare. So far though, there’s been no word on what how Tera-types will work with traded Pokemon or Pokemon with Tera Types moving to older Pokemon games.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more, but until then, we also found out that the new box art Legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon can turn into motorcycles.