Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Iron Leaves Tera Raid guide: typing, moveset, and counters

iron leaves tera raid boss

Two new paradox Pokemon have made their way into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet via 5-star Tera Raids, and here is how players can deal with Iron Leaves – aka Future Virizion.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced the concept of paradox forms. These are familiar Pokemon that have taken on different appearances, names, and typings, and it’s believed that they originated either in the ancient past or the distant future.

However, two more paradox Pokemon found in the Scarlet & Violet books scattered around the Naranja and Uva academies, which contained rough sketches of a Paradox Virizion and Suicune. Yet, they were nowhere to be found in the game’s code.

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That was until February 27, when Pokemon announced a new Tera Raid event featuring both new paradox Pokemon in five-star raids. Iron Leaves – aka paradox Virizion – can be fought in Pokemon Violet.

When will Iron Leaves appear in 5-star Tera Raids?

Iron Leaves started to appear in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Raids shortly after the Pokemon Day Presents ended. The Tera Raid event is slated to run from February 27, 2023, until March 12, 2023, at 11:59 PM UTC.

Players must first beat Pokemon Violet’s main story for the event raids to appear on their map. Both Scarlet & Violet players can join these raids via the Poke Portal once the main storyline is completed.

Iron Leaves moveset, typing, and more

Despite Iron Leaves being a 5-star Tera Raid, it does have a flex move making its total number of moves five instead of the traditional four. However, it will only use Electric Terrain once at the start of the battle to activate its Quark Drive ability.

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Iron Leaves is a Grass/Psychic-type Pokemon but uses a Psychic Tera Type for the duration of the event. This means it takes on all the weaknesses of a Psychic-type. However, Iron Leaves also has Psychic, Grass, and Bug-type moves which players will have to keep in mind.

Here is the Iron Leaves Tera Raid build:

PokemonLevelMovesetAbilityNatureTera Type
75-Psyblade -Leaf Blade -Megahorn -Swords Dance -Electric TerrainQuark DriveNeutralPsychic

How to counter Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

As we have time to test the best builds against Iron Leaves, we will provide better info for countering the Tera Raid boss. Until then, here is what players should aim to do when taking on the new paradox Legendary.

Players need to take into account Iron Leaves’ Psychic weaknesses as well as its moveset before making an educated pick. They should lean toward Bug- or Ghost-type Pokemon (too bad Shedinja didn’t make the cut) and avoid Dark-types.

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Frosmoth is an excellent pick for Iron Leaves raids as it can boost its own stats with Quiver Dance, deal massive damage with Bug Buzz, and negate damage by setting up Reflect. It can also sustain itself Leech Life.

That’s everything you need to know about taking down Iron Leaves in Tera Raids! Check out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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