How to change a Pokemon’s Tera Type in Scarlet & Violet: Tera Shards locations and how to use them

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduces Terastallizing, a new Gen 9 gimmick that allows a Pokemon to change its typing, so here is how players can change their Tera Types.

In recent history, each new generation of Pokemon has come with a new battle gimmick to spice up the traditional battle format. Gen 6 introduced the fan-favorite Mega Evolutions, followed by Gen 7’s Z-Moves and Gen 8’s Gigantamaxing.

Now, Gen 9 has once again removed the previous generation’s gimmick and replaced it with its brand new type-changing mechanic, Terastallizing. This allows trains to use energy from their Tera Orb to change the type of their Pokemon in battle. This also increases the power of the same type of moves used in Terastal form.

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While every Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet’s Pokedex can Terastalize, only special wild Pokemon have a unique Tera Type. If a player collects enough Tera Shards, they can manually change their Pokemon’s Tera Type to any of the 18 available types in the game.

So, here’s where Trainers can find Tera Shards and how to use them to change their Pokemon’s Tera Type.

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Changing a Pokemon’s Tera Type in Scarlet & Violet

To change a Pokemon’s Tera Type, the player must first beat the Normal-type Gym Leader in Medali. This will unlock the NPC that changes a Pokemon’s Tera Type.

After Larry is defeated, the chef at the Sushi bar is who you will need to talk with to change a Pokemon’s Tera Type. However, players will need 50 Tera Shards of the same type.

sushi chefThe sushi chef will change a Pokemon’s Tera Type in exchange for 50 Tera Shards

Where to find Tera Shards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Fifty Tera Shards may sound like a lot at first, but they are relatively easy to come by. And players will unlock even faster ways of finding Tera Shards after they beat the game. Below is a list of methods for obtaining Tera Shards.

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  • Found in Pokeballs around the map
  • Large amounts are rewarded to players after completing Tera Raids
    • Higher star raids reward more shards
  • Found as shiny spots in the cave of Area Zero
  • Given to the players by teachers for participating in class

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