Latest Big Bang Theory spin-off suggests one huge change

Jasmine Valentine
The cast of The Big Bang Theory

With Young Sheldon ending after Season 7, eyes are turning to the next Big Bang Theory spin-off – which might have a huge change.

Though The Big Bang Theory officially ended back in 2019, Sheldon Cooper’s story is still the center of attention in prequel spin-off series Young Sheldon.

However, Young Sheldon is due to end in 2024 after its seventh season, pulling focus back to the as-of-yet untitled, currently in-development spin-off that has few public details.

What fans do know is that whatever the new spin-off has in store, it’s likely to bring about one huge change that puts an end to Sheldon’s world as we know it.

Latest Big Bang Theory spin-off suggests one huge change

The new Big Bang Theory spin-off isn’t likely to feature original Sheldon actor Jim Parsons at all – making it the first show in its universe to do so.

Jim Parsons as Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

While Parsons was an anchor in the original show from 2007 right up until 2019, he also featured in Young Sheldon in the same role, but acting as a narrator.

According to rumors, the only reason that Parsons did so was because he was locked into a contract, meaning he couldn’t get away from the world of The Big Bang Theory even if he wanted to. If predictions are correct and Parsons doesn’t star in the new spin-off, it will end a TV reign of 17 years.

Back in 2010, Parsons still held a lot of affection for the role of Sheldon stating to NPR, “I know all of us are so fond of the characters we play. And I think that’s one of the major keys to this show working — that affection on the part of everybody working on it for these characters and I think that engenders affection hopefully from the audience.”

However, as of 2022, he hadn’t completely ruled out not playing Sheldon anymore either.

Speaking about a potential older sequel [via The Independent], he explained “In 30 years, maybe. You’ll have to ask me then. It’ll depend on how nice the beach is I’m living on. If it’s flooded away, I might come back.”

So far, all that is known about the untitled Big Bang Theory spin-off is that it exists, with Chuck Lorre developing the series for HBO Max.

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