Young Sheldon producer explains why another spinoff with Sheldon at Caltech is “too weird”

Gabriela Silva
Sheldon at Caltech in Young Sheldon finale.

After Young Sheldon ended, fans have been left wondering if it’s really over for Sheldon, with the producer revealing if you’ll see more of him at Caltech.

The spin-off series ended with the upsetting death of George Sr. and Sheldon moving on to the next chapter of his life. He’s headed to Caltech, one of the most pivotal chapters of his life, leading to the events of The Big Bang Theory.

But Young Sheldon’s executive producer Steve Molaro says not to expect another spinoff despite it being a prime opportunity to explore.

“And a show called Young Sheldon, where he’s in California now and everyone picking up the pieces of the loss of George… It wasn’t something we felt like we could just jump in or overflowing with ideas we were excited about.”

“I would not have been comfortable digging in on Sheldon at Caltech. Now it’s really trying to be a weird pre-Big Bang. That doesn’t get me excited. Like, there’s the cafeteria set, but he hasn’t met Leonard yet. I don’t know. Weird,” he explained to Glamour.

Young Sheldon was created to help flesh out Sheldon’s childhood which was on occasion discussed in the original sitcom. It helped explore the boy genius trying to fit in with his own family and life in Texas. Fans saw Sheldon grow up and for many, it’s hard to let go.

But some may agree that prequel spinoff did what it had to for the character. Even Jim Parson admitted his inclusion in the series finale was his way of bringing the character full circle, and that he wouldn’t likely return.

Not to mention the prequel spin-off was a way for grown-up Sheldon to come to terms with his past. Especially his relationship with his father, who he resented for believing he cheated on his mother and not understanding his intellect.

Instead of exploring another chapter of Sheldon’s life, the universe is expanding to Georgie and Mandy with their own spin-off. Like Young Sheldon, Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage will answer a lot of questions raised in The Big Bang Theory. Like what happened between the two that led to divorce.

Young Sheldon is available to stream on Prime Video, and you can check out what we know about the Leonard death theory. Also, there’s one big issue fans are finding with the new spinoff.