Mortal Kombat 2: Everything we know – cast, plot & more

The poster for Mortal KombatWarner Bros.

Get ready to test your might again: here’s what we know about Mortal Kombat 2, the sequel to the 2021 movie, from any release date updates to cast, plot, and more.

Liu Kang shriekers and Johnny Cage nut-punchers alike can all rejoice as a second Mortal Kombat film (of the modern variety) is going ahead.

With no shortage of violence, foul language, and stunning fatalities, the flick earned its R18+ rating and the sequel will no doubt be looking to replicate, and even one-up the opening chapter.

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So while it’s still early days yet and official details are scarce, here’s a full look at everything there is to know about Mortal Kombat 2.


Liu Kang and Kung Lao in Mortal KombatWarner Bros.
Fighters are gearing up for round two in the Mortal Kombat sequel.

Is there a Mortal Kombat 2 release date?

As of May 2023, Mortal Kombat 2 does not have an official release date.

Given production is yet to get underway, with filming set to take place in Australia from June to September this year, we could still be a while off.

The first rebooted film made it to cinemas in 2021 after years of troubled development. Though with a vision in place and a narrative to follow, the sequel shouldn’t take anywhere near as long to make. So anywhere in 2024 could be a safe bet for the release of Mortal Kombat 2.

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Rest assured, we’ll update you here with any further release date details as they emerge.

Mortal Kombat 2: Who’s in it?

Currently, no specific details have been locked in for the sequel, though it’s obviously safe to expect a number of familiar faces to return from the first flick. With the likes of protagonist Cole Young, Sonya Blade, and Jax, all surviving the bloody chaos of the opening chapter, it’s almost guaranteed we’ll see them back for round two.

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Meanwhile, it wouldn’t quite be a Mortal Kombat film without seeing Scorpion, Raiden, Liu Kang, and Shang Tsung all returning here again too. So barring any recasts, much of the original’s lineup should be returning here.

As for new additions, the post-credits scene teased a debut for Johnny Cage, and we might now know who’s playing the ultra-egotistical movie star. Early reports suggest Karl Urban of Dredd and The Boys fam, is expected to lace up the boots and get down with some mixed martial arts action in the sequel.

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Tati Gabrielle, who starred in You and the Uncharted movie, is also in talks to join the sequel’s roster as Jade. And Adeline Rudolph of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has reportedly been cast as Kitana.

Urban is currently starring as Billy the Butcher in Amazon's bloody superhero franchise The Boys.Amazon
Karl Urban is reportedly in final talks to star as Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 2.

Below is an early look at names expected to appear in Mortal Kombat 2.

  • Lewis Tan – Cole Young
  • Jessica McNamee – Sonya Blade
  • Mehcad Brooks – Jax
  • Chin Han – Shang Tsung
  • Tadanobu Asano – Lord Raiden
  • Ludi Lin – Liu Kang
  • Hiroyuki Sanada – Scorpion
  • Joe Taslim – Noob Saibot
  • Karl Urban (TBC) – Johnny Cage
  • Tati Gabrielle (TBC) – Jade
  • Adeline Rudolph (TBC) – Kitana

Mortal Kombat 2 plot

Following the events of the first Mortal Kombat film, it appears all but inevitable a proper tournament in the series’ namesake, is drawing close. Cole Young’s main task at the conclusion of the first chapter was to track down other fighters in order to get the Mortal Kombat tournament underway.

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Up first, as teased in the post-credits scene, appears to be Johnny Cage, who we saw referenced in a poster on the wall before fading to black. So much of the sequel’s plot could revolve around recruiting Cage, along with a handful of other fighters, before they all do battle in the all-important combat spectacle.

It’s worth noting, however, that full story details are still being ironed out to this day. So do take the above with a grain of salt until official confirmation arrives.

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Is there a Mortal Kombat 2 trailer yet?

Given filming is yet to get underway, there is no official trailer for Mortal Kombat 2 just yet. Over the next few months, we’re sure to get all sorts of teasers from the set of the production, but a full-fledged trailer might not arrive until early 2024.

Below is a refresher on the original Mortal Kombat trailer to hold you over:

So that’s all we know about Mortal Kombat 2 for the time being. Be sure to check out our other TV & movie hubs below:

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