MCU Fantastic Four: Release date & everything we know so far

Who will play the Fantastic Four in the MCU?Marvel Studios

The first family of Marvel Comics, the Fantastic Four, were confirmed to finally be making their first foray into the MCU, so we’ve compiled everything we know so far about the upcoming movie.

One of the biggest reveals of Comic-Con 2019 was that the superhero group Fantastic Four would finally be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Previously, the rights to the group had been controlled by 20th Century Fox. After the Disney/Fox merger, however, Marvel Studios – which is a subsidiary of Disney – now had the license to use these characters in the MCU.

There’s quite a bit to cover, so here is everything we know about the Fantastic Four’s debut in Phase Six of the MCU.


MCU Fantastic Four release date

The Fantastic Four will make their MCU debut in the coming years.YouTube: Marvel Entertainment

Kevin Feige confirmed at San Diego Comic Con 2022 that Fantastic Four will kick off Phase Six of the MCU, releasing on November 8, 2024.

MCU Fantastic Four director & crew

Initially, Spider-Man director Jon Watts was set to helm the Fantastic Four movie. However, in April 2022, Watts stepped down from the project, saying he wanted to take a break from superhero movies.

On August 24 The Direct reported that WandaVision director Matt Shakman has signed on to direct Marvel’s Fantastic Four.

MCU Fantastic Four cast

The cast has not been finalized, but there are plenty of leaks, rumors, and speculation as to who would play Marvel’s iconic family.

Obviously, John Krasinski portrayed Universe-838 Reed Richards in the 2022 film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but it’s not clear that Krasinski would return as the Reed Richards in the core MCU (Universe-616).

Other rumored casting choices for Reed Richards include Jamie Dornan (50 Shades of Grey), Penn Badgley (You), and Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

Actresses Amanda Seyfried (The Dropout), Natalia Dyer (Stranger Things), Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World), Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place), Kristen Bell (The Good Place) have all been rumored as possible choices for Sue Storm.

Chris Evans, who played Captain America in Universe-616, has said that he would be open to returning to the role of Johnny Storm that he played back in 2005.

In addition, Joe Keery (Stranger Thing), Logan Lerman (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), and Chase Stokes (The Boys) have been suggested as options for the role.

Finally, there have not been too many rumors about the role of Ben Grimm but reportedly Seth Rogen (Knocked Up) is a favorite for the part.

All of these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, as none have been confirmed by anyone at Marvel or by any of the actors.

MCU Fantastic Four plot

Who will play the Fantastic Four in the MCU?YouTube: Marvel Entertainment

There have been few plot leaks about the Fantastic Four movie, but given that Marvel has strayed away from known origin stories (as they did with Spider-Man), it’s very possible that the MCU installment won’t include a detailed revelation of their transformation and powers.

Ant-Man director Peyton Reed previously revealed that he had pitched an MCU Fantastic Four movie that would have taken place in the 1960s, the era when the heroes were first introduced in the comics.

With rumors that regular F4 villains like Namor, Doctor Doom, and Galactus are set to be introduced to the MCU, the possibilities are endless for a potential foe.