Where to find Abra & how to evolve it in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Kanto Psychic-type, Abra, can be pretty hard to come by in Pokemon Legends Arceus, so here’s where to find the elusive little creature and how to evolve it into Kadabra and Alakazam.

While every new Pokemon game introduces a slew of new creatures into its ever-expanding universe, sometimes familiar faces are the best.

Whether you’re looking to cast your mind back to the good old days of Generation III by snagging yourself a Ralts, or tame iconic Gen IV legendaries Dialga and Palkia in their all-new Origin Forms, Pokemon Legends Arceus has it all.

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Often overlooked but immensely powerful in its evolved state is Abra, the adorable little zen teleporter who can be rather irritating to obtain. Despite its seemingly chill nature, it’s one of the hardest creatures to add to your squad, so here’s how to catch Abra and evolve it into Kadabra and Alakazam in Pokemon Legends Arceus.


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For OG fans, this Kadabra likely brings back some repressed memories.

Where to catch Abra in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In order to snag yourself an Abra, you’ll need to venture out to Obsidian Fieldlands, the first zone that you unlock following your membership to the Survey Corps.

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Thankfully, the best location to catch Abra is just by the Heights Camp at Windswept Run; but locating them doesn’t mean your guaranteed one. These pesky little Psychics will teleport if they see you coming (and sometimes just in general), so you’ll have to be extra cautious.

  1. Travel to the Obsidian Fieldlands, heading for the Heights Camp
    • If you haven’t unlocked the Heights Camp, head to Aspiration Bridge and use the bridge to cross over to the mainland. Keep to the coast downwards to get to Windswept Run.
  2. Head South West from the Heights Camp to Windswept Run.
  3. Approach the Abra whilst crouched in the bushes. They will teleport if they see you, but also don’t stay in one place for long.
  4. Using a Ruined Apricorn or throwing berries can help you stun and distract it.
  5. Move behind it and throw your Poke Ball.

Abra can also be found wandering around on the Sandgem Flats in the Obsidian Fieldlands, and at Lake Acuity in the Alabaster Iceland. However, these are much higher-level areas, making Windswept Run more accessible.

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How to evolve Abra in Pokemon Legends Arceus: Kadabra

Thankfully, evolving Abra into Kadabra is a pretty painless process, as all you’ll need to do is level an Abra to Level 18.

How to evolve Abra in Pokemon Legends Arceus: Alakazam

Obtaining Abra’s second evolution, however, is a little bit harder. Conventionally, players have always had to trade a Kadabra to one of their fellow trainers in order to evolve it, but Pokemon Legends Arceus has made some adjustments to the process.

Players can either:

  • Trade their Kadabra to another player to evolve it.
  • Visit Simona in Jublife Village near the Training Grounds. She will sell you the all-new Linking Cable evolution item in exchange for 1,000 Merit Points.
    • Merit Points are earned by returning lost satchels using the Lost and Found option in your inventory.
  • Obtain a Linking Cable from space-time distortions, but this is very rare.

So that’s where to find and, in turn, evolve Abra in Pokemon Legends Arceus! Looking to cement yourself as Hisui’s greatest Pokemon master? Be sure to check out our other PLA guides:

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