How to battle & catch Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alpha Gabite imageGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

Game Freak has added a powerful new variant in the Hisui region that will have you running for safety. Here is everything you need to know about Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus and how to catch the terrifying ‘mon. 

Throughout Pokemon Legends Arceus, players will need to survive the harsh environments Hisui. From resource management to defending yourself from wild attacks, the game is the series’ most challenging title in years.

The biggest threat of all, however, is the all-new Alpha Pokemon. The enraged giant ‘mon are not only dangerous but are incredibly difficult to challenge.

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What are Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alpha SnorlaxGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The giant enraged Pokemon are a real threat.

Introduced at the start of the game, players learn that certain Pokemon throughout Hisui have become enraged. These special ‘mon are not only much larger in size compared to their usual breed, but they also have raised stats.

Trainers can easily spot the variant as Alphas have glowing red eyes. You will find at least one of these giants in every section of the map, and in some cases, there can even be two in close proximity to each other.

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While extremely difficult to defeat, players can actually catch the ‘mon and add them to their team. Unlike most creatures on the map, though, you will often need to put up a tough fight before even attempting it.

How to catch Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To increase your chances of catching an Alpha Pokemon, players can engage them in battle to bring their health down to yellow or red. Using status moves such as sleep or paralyze will also make the odds higher at a successful catch.

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The best method for catching Alphas is to actually sneak up behind them and use Gigaton Balls which are unlocked at Galaxy Team Star Rank 7. Combining them with Oran Berries (which are found on most trees), Trainers can create the perfect trap. Those in the early game don’t need to worry as Heavy Balls will also work and are similar in effectiveness at lower levels.

  1. Sneak up on the Alpha Pokemon while being crouched and throw an Oran Berry in front of them.
  2. Once the Alpha goes to eat the Berry, sneak up behind the ‘mon and get within an inch from it.
  3. Throw the Gigaton Ball at its back.
  4. If it manages to break out, run away until you are out of its sight. Then rinse and repeat the same steps above.

How to spawn Alpha Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alpha Pokemon screenshotGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Trainers can sneak up behind Alphas to set a perfect trap.

If you accidentally knock out an Alpha Pokemon, don’t sweat it as they will actually respawn. A quick method for doing this is to head back to camp and rest until nighttime and then to day to reset the map. Go back to the location where the Alpha originally was and it should be back there. If that doesn’t work, go to Jublife Village first and then fast travel back.

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While it’s not been fully confirmed yet, it appears that which Pokemon spawn as an Alpha is randomized. So make sure to revisit old locations as you progress through the story as you will find new ones popping up.

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