How to get Dialga & Palkia Origin Formes in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Dialga & Palkia Origin Formes
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, players can unlock Dialga & Palkia’s Origin Forme. Here is how to get the Diamond & Pearl Legendaries’ long-awaited new variants. 

Although Pokemon Legends Arceus is a Gen IV story, players will experience a vastly different version of Sinnoh while exploring Hisui. Because the RPG is set in the region’s ancient past, familiar characters have completely new designs.

After years of anticipation, Game Freak has finally introduced Dialga & Palkia’s Origine Formes. Here is where you can obtain the Diamond & Pearl Legendaries and how to transform them in their new epic versions.

How to catch Dialga & Palkia in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Dialga & Palkia cutscene in Pokemon Legends Arceus
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Players can catch the Diamond & Pearl Legendaries.

After progressing through the story far enough, players can get their hands on Dialga & Palkia. Unlike previous titles, you will actually be able to obtain both without needing to trade.

Trainers looking to add the Sinnoh duo to their team will have to wait quite a bit as they only appear in the final act of the game after quelling the fourth Noble Beast in the Alabaster Icelands. Here are the easiest steps to obtain both Legendaries:

  1. During Mission 13: Disaster Looming, choose Diamond Clan to get Dialga or Pearl Clan to obtain Palkia. You will receive the Legendary based on your clan choice after defeating Mission 17: Atop Mt Coronet.
  2. After receiving Mission 18: The Counterpart, head back to Coronet Highlands and fast travel to the Temple of Sinnoh. 
  3. Simply complete the sequence and special boss battle and you will automatically be given a chance to catch the opposing Legendary as a part of the story.
  4. You now have both Legendaries on your team.

How to get Origin Forme Dialga in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus Dialga Origin Forme cutscene
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Dialga finally gets an Origin Forme in Legends.

Now that you’ve caught both, you can also obtain their brand new Origin Forme. To unlock the special transformation, you need to have first completed Mission 19: A New Day Dawns.

After finishing the storyline, you can now pick up Request 89: The Diamond Clan’s Treasure which will lead you to Dialga’s new variant. Here’s what you need to do to obtain Origin Forme Dialga:

  1. After completing Mission 19, head over to the Crimson Mirelands. Fast travel to the Diamond Settlement waypoint.
  2. Once in the Diamond Settlement, walk through the village and take the path leading up to Lake Valor to find Diamond Clan leader Adaman.
  3. Speak to Adaman to receive Request 89. Following your conversation with the leader, agree to battle him.
  4. After defeating him in a battle, he will then give you the Adamant Crystal.
  5. Go into your menu, select the Adamant Crystal, and give it to Dialga to automatically trigger its Origin Forme transformation.
  6. To change Dialga back, simply use the crystal once again.
Pokemon Legends Arceus Origne Forme Dialga item cutscene
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Dialga’s Origin Forme is triggered by a special item.

How to get Origin Forme Palkia in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus Origin Forme Palkia screenshot
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Palkia has an Origin Forme in Legends Arceus.

Just like Dialga, Palkia has a new Origin Forme which can be unlocked following the completion of Mission 19. The quest is kicked off after accepting Request 90: The Pearl Clan’s Treasure.

Trainers will need to first locate the special request, which we detail in easy steps below.

  1. Head to the Alabaster Icelands after completing Mission 19. Once there, fast travel to the Pearl Settlement waypoint.
  2. Pass through the camp until you find Pearl Clan Leader Irida. Speak to her to receive Request 90 and then agree to battle her.
  3. After defeating Irida, she will give you the Lustrous Globe item.
  4. Open up your menu and give the Lustrous Globe to Palkia to automatically transform it into its Origin Forme.
  5. You can change it back by using the item on it again.
Pokemon Legends Arceus Origin Forme Dialga
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Palkia transforms into its Origin Forme with a special item.

And that’s it! You not only have both Dialga and Palkia, but you also have their epic new Origin Formes.

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