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How to get Hisuian Sliggoo & Goodra in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Published: 27/Jan/2022 21:00 Updated: 28/Jan/2022 7:54

by Meg Bethany Koepp


The new variants of the Dragon-type Gen VI ‘mon can be added to your team in the Hisui region. Here’s how to get Hisuian Sliggoo and Hisuian Goodra in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Just like Alola and Galar before it, the Hisui region has a handful of its own exclusive forms. Among them are new variants of Sliggoo and Goodra.

The two Steel/Dragon-types can both be obtained in Pokemon Legends Arceus, with evolution requiring a specific trick.

How to get Hisuian Sliggoo in Pokemon Legends Arceus

hisuian sliggoo location in pokemon legends arceus
The Pokemon Company / Game Freak
Head to the Holm of Trials.

You can get the first evolution in the second area, the Crimson Mirelands, though you will need to have obtained Basculegion first.


Follow the steps below to add the ‘mon to your team in the Sinnoh origins title:

  1. From the Mirelands Camp, head south until you reach a river.
  2. Cross over it by riding on Basculegion. You’ll now be in the Holm of Trials.
  3. In the southeast corner of this area, there is a small lake with a rock in the middle. Goomy will be swimming here. Catch one.
  4. Goomy doesn’t evolve into Hisuian Sliggoo until level 40 so keep it in your Party or use Exp. or Rare Candy to level it up.
  5. Once it’s ready to transform, its Poke Ball will flash in the menu. Click it > “Evolve” > “Do it!” to trigger the evolution into Sliggoo.
  6. Alternatively, you can catch an Alpha version of the ‘mon in the same area. It’s on the rock in the middle of the same pond.
sliggoo evolution in pokemon legends arceus
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Goomy evolves at level 40.

How to evolve Hisuian Goodra in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The final evolution requires a very specific method to evolve from Sliggoo. Its transformation won’t trigger otherwise.

Here’s how to get Hisuian Goodra:

  1. Level up Sliggoo until it reaches level 50. If you caught the Alpha version mentioned above, it will already be 50.
  2. While technically ready to evolve, the evolution won’t trigger until it’s raining.
  3. To force it to rain, go to any camp and speak to the Galaxy Member. Cycle through the times of day until it starts to pour.
  4. Once it is the correct weather, click on the Pokemon in your inventory and you should see the evolution prompt.
evolving hisuian goodra in pokemon legends arceus
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Goodra’s evolution triggers at level 50, but it has to be raining.

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