How to trade in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Trading with your friends is a great way to add to your Pokedex in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but how do you do it, and is it possible to trade with strangers?

While it’s possible to collect every single Pokemon in Arceus solo, exchanging with other trainers can be incredibly useful.

Just like Sword & Shield, Arceus features the same trade functionality allowing players to swap Pokemon with their friends, or even strangers.

However, before you can use the Trading Post, there are a few steps you’ll need to complete. Luckily, they’re extremely simple, so let’s check out exactly how to trade in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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How to trade in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Arceus Trading PostGame Freak/YouTube: ConCon
The Trading Post is located in Jubilife Village.

Before you can trade in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you’ll first need to progress through the mainline story until you reach Jubilife Village. Then, after a few small quests, you’ll be able to use the Trading Post located nearby.

Luckily, using the Trading Post is incredibly simple, so just follow our step by step guide below to trade with friends nearby:

  1. Head to the North-West side of Jubilife Village
  2. Speak to an NPC called Simona
  3. Select ‘I want to trade Pokemon
  4. Then select ‘Someone nearby‘ or ‘Someone far away‘ if you have a Nintendo Online Subscription
  5. Next ensure you and your friend type in the same code
  6.  You’ll then be transferred to a trade screen where you can transfer Pokemon!

Keep in mind if you want to trade over the internet and not via a local connection, you’ll need to select the ‘someone far away’ option after talking to Simona.

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This will require a Nintendo Online Subscription, so local trading is the only option if you don’t have access to online play.

Can you trade with random trainers in Arceus?

Trading Post Pokemon Legends ArceusGame Freak/ConCon
Trading online requires a Nintendo Online subscription.

If you’re looking to trade with a random trainer online in Arceus and have an Nintendo Online subscription, simply head to the trade with ‘someone far away’ option.

Then type in a code made up of just one number, and it’s likely another player will be doing the same and looking for a partner as well.

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With Arceus having such a huge player base, you’re almost guaranteed to get a match in a matter of seconds.

So, there you have it, that’s exactly how to trade in Pokemon Legends Arceus. For other guides to help you navigate the Hisui region, check out these:

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