How to evolve Kleavor from Scyther in Pokemon Legends Arceus

scyther and kleavor in pokemon legends arceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

There’s a new Scyther evolution to be added to your Pokedex in the Hisui region. Here’s everything you need to know about evolving Kleavor in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

The Nintendo Switch title brings several new ‘mon to the popular series, bringing the total number in the series to over 900, including regional forms.

One of the additions from Pokemon Legends Arceus is another Scyther evolution: the Bug/Rock-type, Kleavor.

Scyther location in Pokemon Legends Arceus

scyther map location in pokemon legends arceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Scyther is located in The Heartwood.

Before you can get Kleavor, you obviously need to have its pre-evolution. It is hiding in a specific location in the Obsidian Fieldlands and you can catch it early on in the game.

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Follow these steps to find Scyther in the Hisui region:

  1. Head south from the Heights Camp, going past Tidewater Damn and watching out for the Alpha Bibarel that lurks here.
  2. Continue to follow the winding river until you get to The Heartwood and you see a path lined with torches.
  3. Use your Wyrdeer mount to jump up the small cliff to the right side of the path to get to a field filled with trees.
  4. Several Scyther will be flying around, and there’s even an Alpha further up behind the Grandtree Arena if you fancy a challenge.
  5. The Pokemon attack on sight, so use a Stealth Spray if you have one and crouch. Sneak up behind it and throw a Poke Ball.
scyther in pokemon legends arceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
It is aggressive so be careful.

How to evolve Scyther into Kleavor in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Now that you have its pre-evolution, you need a Black Augurite to force its transformation into Kleavor.

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You can find them randomly by breaking ore with your Pokemon, by digging up treasure with Ursaluna, or in Space-Time Distortions. They are a rare drop so you may be hunting for a while.

Once you have the evolution item, put Scyther in your Party, click on the stone > “Use” and then select the Pokemon.

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kleavor evolution in pokemon legends arceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Black Augurite makes Scyther change into Kleavor.

Congratulations! Now you are the proud owner of Kleavor in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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