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How to catch Darkrai in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Published: 17/Dec/2021 21:45

by Brent Koepp


Game Freak is celebrating the release of their 2022 open-world title by giving away the Dark-type Sinnoh Mythical Pokemon for free. Here is how to catch Darkrai in Pokemon Legends Arceus. 

Similar to Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, Game Freak is enticing players to jump into Pokemon Legends Arceus by giving away rare Pokemon for a limited time.

For PLA, Trainers will be able to catch Gen IV Mythical Darkrai in a special storyline. This guide will break down where the Dark-type is located and how to catch it.

Where to find Darkrai in Pokemon Legends Arceus

While the exact location for Darkai is not yet known, Game Freak has already revealed where Trainers will need to go in Pokemon Legends Arceus in order to kick off the sidequest which leads to the Sinnoh Mythical.


According to an official blog post, players will need to have a Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl save file on their Nintendo Switch in order to get the promotion. Those eligible for the Legendary will then need to follow the steps below to catch the ‘mon.

  1. In order to catch Darkrai in Pokemon Legends, players will need to first have beaten the main storyline. The Dark-Type will not spawn until users specifically see the “end-credits” screen.
  2. Next, head back to Jubilife Village.
  3. Once in town, there will be an NPC that you talk to that will give you a special research quest. Accept the mission to reveal where the Mythical is located.
Darkrai Pokemon Legends Arceus promotional image
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Sinnoh Mythical can be caught in Pokemon Legends.

How to catch Darkrai in Pokemon Legends Arceus

After you complete the game and acquire the special quest from Jubilife Village, you will now need to do the hard work and catch the Gen IV Legendary.

  1. After accepting the special research request, you will be given an area where they can track down the Gen IV Mythical.
  2. Use your Fly HM mount and head to the nearest location on the map. Once there, explore the area until the Sinnoh Legendary is spotted.
  3. At the time of writing, it’s not yet known whether you will need to use any items or a special Poke Ball to catch the ‘mon.

That is everything we know so far about how to get Darkrai in Pokemon Legends Arceus. It appears that unlike past games, there will not be an expiration date for this giveaway. Trainers will need to simply have a BDSP save file on their console.


 It will be interesting to see how Game Freak handles rare Pokemon in the game. Given that ‘mon now have unique personalities, Mythical’s may be more difficult to catch compared to previous generations.