Where to find Eevee in Pokemon Legends Arceus

eevee in pokemon legends arceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

The popular Gen I ‘mon can be caught early on in the Hisui region if you know where to look and with a little bit of patience. Here’s where to find and catch Eevee in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

While there are plenty of new Hisuian forms in the Sinnoh origins title, many old ‘mon can be found scattered across the land – including the Normal-type Eevee and all eight of its evolutions.

The Pokemon can be found early on in Pokemon Legends Arceus, though it spawns in a specific area and has a low spawn rate. Catching it may not be so simple for some, either.

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wild eevee in pokemon legends arceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
If you’re lucky you may encounter a Shiny.

Eevee location in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Finding the Gen I favorite is tough unless luck is on your side, but there is a way to get it to appear faster than it would via normal gameplay.

Follow the steps below to find Eevee’s location in Hisui:

  1. Right after being given free rein to explore the Obsidian Fieldlands at the beginning of the game, head left from the Fieldlands Camp until you reach Horseshoe Plains. You will know you’re in the correct place once you see Wurmple spawning.
  2. Eevee can be found here during the day, though it is a rare spawn so it probably won’t appear for you straight away. If it doesn’t show up, fast travel back to the camp from the map.
  3. Here, speak to the Galaxy Member on the left by the torch to change the time to either morning or midday and then go back to Horseshoe Plains.
  4. Rinse and repeat until the ‘mon appears.
eevee location in pokemon legends arceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The ‘mon spawns in Horseshoe Plains in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

How to catch Eevee in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Once Eevee is in your sights, don’t rush in to try and catch it. You need to take a slow approach otherwise it will run away and you’ll have to make another spawn again.

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Crouch and move slowly towards the Pokemon, hiding in a patch of grass if possible. You want to make sure it doesn’t see you if it turns around otherwise it will escape.

Try and get behind it before throwing a Poke Ball for a super effective catch as this gives you a higher success rate. Good luck, Trainers.

eevee in the wild in pokemon legends arceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Eevee will run away if it sees you so be stealthy.

Eevee evolutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Normal-type ‘mon can evolve into all eight of its evolutions in Hisui. Here’s how to do so:

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  • Jolteon – Use a Thunder Stone
  • Vaporeon – Use a Water Stone
  • Flareon – Use a Fire Stone
  • Umbreon – Evolve at nighttime with high friendship and no Fairy-type move learned
  • Espeon – Evolve in the daytime with high friendship and no Fairy-type move learned
  • Leafeon – Use a Leaf Stone or when next to the mossy rock in Obsidian Fieldlands
  • Glaceon – Use an Ice Stone or when next to the icy rock in Alabaster Icelands
  • Sylveon – Evolve in the daytime with high friendship and a Fairy-type move learned

And there you have it. Now you should have an Eevee in your party – congratulations!

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