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How to beat Frenzied Noble Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Published: 3/Oct/2021 1:24

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Legends Arceus is getting a new boss battle mechanic. Here is how to beat Frenzied Noble Pokemon and what you need to do to catch rare Hisui ‘mon such as Kleavor. 

When Pokemon Legends Arceus drops in 2022, players will be whisked away to the vast open-world map of the Hisui Region. The epic RPG is Game Freak’s most ambitious project to date and will introduce a flurry of new mechanics to the series.

One of them is the Frenzied boss battles. Trainers will face off against enraged versions of characters. These special ‘mon however can’t simply be knocked out to beat. Here is a breakdown of how to stun the Noble Pokemon in order to catch them.


What are Frenzied Noble Pokemon?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Kleavor Frenzied Noble screenshot
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Frenzied Noble Pokemon serve as the game’s boss battles.

While players are exploring Hisui, they will encounter the four Wardens. These gifted Trainers are the caretakers of the Noble Pokemon in the region such as the newly introduced Scyther evolution Kleavor.

In the story, a mysterious force has transformed the Noble Pokemon into raging monsters. As a part of the Survey Corps, players are tasked with going into each of their territories and curing them of their enraged state.

Frenzied Pokemon glow a bright yellow and rampage across the land in battles. Unlike other ‘mon, you will have to complete special tasks in order to defeat them.

How to beat Frenzied Noble Pokemon

Speak to a Warden

Pokemon Legends Arceus Warden Mai screenshot
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Players will be tasked with curing Frenzied Noble Pokemon from the Wardens.

As mentioned above, the Wardens are responsible for taking care of the land where the Noble Pokemon live in. They are unable to continue to give them food or offerings however, due to creatures becoming enraged.


After meeting the characters, they will ask the player to cure the Frenzied Noble Pokemon that is under their care. From what we know so far, Warden Lian tasks Trainers early on in the game to stop Kleavor from rampaging in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

Enter a Frenzied Noble Pokemon’s territory

Pokemon Legends Arceus Kleavor Territory Location Screenshot
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Trainers can battle Frenzied Noble’s in specially marked off locations on the map.

Once you are given the task, players will then need to head out to find the enraged Pokemon. Each of the Frenzied Nobles will be sectioned off in their own territory on the map.

In the gameplay reveal trailer, we can see the protagonist entering Kleavor’s battleground as the location is marked by special flags in the ground that feature images of the Bug/Rock-type.


Engage Frenzied Noble Pokemon in battle

Pokemon Legends Arceus Frenzied Noble Pokemon Battle
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Players needs to battle the Frenzied Nobles before being able to catch them.

After you enter into their territory and find them, approach the yellow glowing Pokemon to engage them in battle. Players can send out their own Pokemon to use attacks to lower their HP.

Trainers will need to hit the Y button to dodge as the Frenzied Noble will charge at you. Once you lower its health enough, the ‘mon will become stunned. This is when you need to cure it by throwing Forest Balm at it.

In a blurb on the official website, it states: “It won’t be easy to hit a rampaging noble with balms. They will relentlessly unleash powerful attacks at you. The moment you see an opportunity, hit them with as many balms as you can.”


Use Forest Balms on the Frenzied Noble Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus Throwing Bahms screenshot
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Balms are an important tool needed to calm the Frenzied ‘mon down.

By throwing Balms at the Noble, you will lower its yellow Frenzied meter which sits above its head. The goal of the battle is to bring this meter down completely.

If you manage to bring its health all the way down with attacks or items, this is still helpful as it gives you a vital window to pelt the Noble with as many Balms as possible.

Cure the Frenzied Noble Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus Bahm Frenzied Pokemon
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Frenzied Pokemon can be cured with Balms.

Once you have brought down the yellow meter completely with enough Balms, the Frenzied Noble will become cured of its enraged status.

Trainers will eventually be able to catch the special mon after releasing it from its Frenzied state.


Frenzied Noble Pokemon favorite food

Pokemon Legends Arceus Noble Kleavor
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Noble Pokemon have favorite food.

While much of the Frenzied Noble battles revolve around using Forest Balms, the boss battles seem to be more complex than meets the eye. In the official description of the feature, Game Freak reveals that Trainers can use the Noble’s “favorite food items” as well to calm them.

In the August Pokemon Presents, screens showed that the Dex entry for Pokemon featured a “preferred foods” section. This means that if you find a Noble’s favorite food in the wild, it could make your battle with it easier.