Where to find Gible & Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus Garchomp and Gible evolution line sequenceGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

The popular Diamond & Pearl Dragon-type can be caught in the Hisui region. Here is where to find Gible and Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus. 

Although Pokemon Legends Arceus is set in Sinnoh’s ancient past, favorites from Diamond & Pearl can still be found scattered throughout the Hisui region such as the popular Gen IV Dragon-type Gible.

Those looking to add the beloved character to their team will have to search the sprawling map to find its hidden location. We have its exact location and how to obtain its evolutions, Gabite and Garchomp.

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Gible location in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Fans of the Dragon will have to wait a bit as it can’t be found until the last third of the game. Players will need to first progress their story until they gain access to Coronet Highlands.

Below we will list the easiest steps to find Gible once you unlock the mountain location.

  1. After progressing the story far enough, head to the Coronet Highlands to quell the third Noble in the game.
  2. Immediately after arriving at the new location, you will be taken to the Wayward Cave by Warden Ingo.
  3. Once inside the cave, keep walking until you trigger a cutscene where the Warden will take off to fix the torches.
  4. After this sequence, you can explore the cave’s twisting tunnels. In one of them, you will find Gible tucked away in a corner.
Pokemon Legends Arceus Gible location mapGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Gible can be found in the Coronet Highlands.

How to catch Gible in Pokemon Legends Arceus

After you spot Gible in one of Wayward Cave’s tunnels, do not approach it right away. Instead, hang back and crouch to lighten the sound of your footsteps.

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Wait for the ‘mon to eventually turn its back and throw a Great or Ultra Ball at its back. If the Dragon-type breaks out, run away until you are out of its line of sight and return a few seconds later to try again.

Trainers can also use an Oran Berry to distract the creature. If you need to reset its spawn, fast travel back to your campsite nearby and rest until night and then morning. After doing this, Gible will respawn once again in the same location.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Gible attack screenshotGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Sinnoh Dragon can be found in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

How to get Gabite in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Game Freak has given players a few options for obtaining Gabite. The first method is to get the Pokemon is to evolve your Gible at level 24. Once you reach the required level, go to your menu and trigger its evolution.

You can also find an Alpha version of Gabite roaming around Clamberclaw Cliffs which is located at the top of the map. This is much more difficult as Alphas are hard to catch, but it’s an option for those who are higher level. For the easiest method to catch Alphas, check out our guide.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Gabite evolution screenshotGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Gabite evolves from Gible at level 24.

How to evolve Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In order to get Gible’s final evolution, you need to raise your Gabite’s level to 48. After gaining enough experience, the Dragon-type will have the option to evolve.

The fastest way to get Garchomp, however, is to catch Alpha Gabite located in Coronet Highland’s Clamberclaw Cliffs. Since the ‘mon spawns at over level 50, you will automatically be able to evolve it.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Garchomp evolution sequenceGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Garchomp is the final evolution of the Gible Pokemon line.

Now you should have added Garchomp to your team in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

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