Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to get Rare Candy & EXP Candies

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Rare Candy and EXP Candies are a quick and easy way to increase the XP levels of your team in Pokemon Legends Arceus, so here’s a guide on how to get more of them.

When players aren’t busy discovering cool Easter Eggs or reacting to the slightly derpy Hisuian form of Typhlosion, they’re catching, leveling up, and evolving. Aside from helping to fill out and complete the Pokedex, lots of players want powerful versions of their favorite, evolved Pokemon.

To do this, players can catch other Pokemon, fight Alpha forms, fight normal forms, or the other method — feed them tasty treats. We’ve never stopped to question the Pokemon equivalent of steroids, but Rare Candy and EXP Candies are immensely useful in making your Pokemon stronger, faster.


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Rare Candy and EXP Candies are great for getting to their final evolution faster.

What do Rare Candy and EXP Candies do?

When consumed, a Rare Candy will automatically increase a Pokemon’s level by 1.

EXP Candies, on the other hand, will offer up a chunk of experience depending on the size of the candy. Their primary function is to level up your Pokemon faster outside of battling and catching other Pokemon.

Both offer similar effects in terms of their end goal, but a Rare Candy is generally harder to come by, and EXP Candies are usually more rewarding.

How to get Rare Candy in Pokemon Legends Arceus

They both sound great, right? Well now that you know their incredible, stat-boosting properties, it’s time to actually get a hold of some of them. Thankfully, Pokemon Legends Arceus is quite generous and gives players lot of opportunities to acquire them.

Read on for our best methods and assured ways of stacking Rare Candy.

1. Completing Requests

Pokemon Legends Arceus has a ton of side quests or ‘Requests’ for you to complete, with many of them offering some nice rewards. Make sure you’re checking your map and all the different sub-regions to ensure you’re accepting every one possible.

Some of the game’s NPCs will be very generous and present you with a Rare Candy for completing the tasks they set you.

2. Purchasing them from the Trading Post

Jubilife Village is the game’s default village and home to many different services: haircuts, shopping, and even clothes. But one stall is the ‘Trading Post,’ a place where you can cash in your well-earned Merit Points for a whole bunch of goodies.

Merit Points are given to the player for finding and returning lost satchels to real-world players. Each satchel that is returned to its rightful owner will grant up to 100 Merit Points. The Trading Post sells Rare Candy for 1,000 MP, so make sure you’re observant as you explore Arceus’ lands.

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EXP Candies are superb for quickly leveling up a Pokemon several times.

How to get EXP Candies in Pokemon Legends Arceus

EXP Candies are far more common in Pokemon Legends Arceus and are unbelievably helpful for boosting one of your allies if they’re a low-mid-level Pokemon. They come in four sizes: S, M, L, and XL, with each one offering progressively more EXP.

Check out the most effective ways of getting your hands on them below.

1. Defeating Alpha Pokemon

Y’know those big scary, giant-versions of regular Pokemon with Terminator eyes? Those are Alpha Pokemon, high-level, super-duper versions of their regular forms.

As well as giving a lot of EXP for defeating or catching one, many of them will also drop EXP Candies. They will keep respawning, too, giving you ample opportunities to farm them.

2. Purchasing them from the Jubilife Shop

Once you’ve progressed through Pokemon Legends Arceus enough, just outside of Jubilife Village’s main HQ a new shop will appear. It’s run by a man called Bonn and he sells EXP Candies for you to buy.

As with the game’s regular shop mechanics, the rarity of the EXP Candies will increase as you earn more Stars and advance in the main story.

3. Completing Requests

Finally, just like with Rare Candy, you’ll find that lots of NPCs offer up their EXP Candies as rewards for helping them out. Simply meet the requirements of the missions, and they’ll cough up some desirable EXP Candies.

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