Pokemon Legends Arceus players slam NPC as “greatest scammer in history”

The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Legends Arceus is full of NPC’s to interact with and one has struck a nerve with fans. They are calling him…”The single greatest scammer in Pokemon history.”

Throughout all of the Pokemon games, there is always a common enemy for players to rally against and defeat. Think of Team Rocket, Team Aqua & Magma, and so on.

But in Legends Arceus, it’s a little bit different. There isn’t an enemy faction, and the plot is a lot more cooperative overall.

That is, except for one price-gauging NPC that many people have agreed is the common enemy.

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And worst of all, he’s been right under your nose since you booted it up.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Inventory NPC is the real enemy

bagin pokemon arceusThe Pokemon Company
Bagin’s prices only go up.

There is an NPC that you will meet almost immediately when you start your journey in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

At first, he seems like a nice guy, offering to help sell you a service for a nominal fee. But, that soon turns into malicious and predatory price-gauging.

That’s right, we’re talking about the necessary evil that is Bagin, the guy that allows you to expand your tiny inventory for insane amounts of money.

This hasn’t gone past players, not one bit. In fact, one in the Pokemon subreddit called Bagin “The single greatest scammer in Pokemon history” in a thread that now has over 2,200 upvotes affirming the community’s hatred for him.

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In a lengthy post, user owlitup detailed their issues with Hisui’s inventory man and his schemes.

They said: “Arguably a bigger thief than Team Rocket, of course, I’m talking about Expand Your Inventory guy. He teaches you the Tetris secrets to fit more stuff, which clearly he knows the entirety of the process…. but he trickles it out to you as microtransactions! First, you’re like cool…. but then…. it never ends. Does it ever end? This is insane.”

People seem to agree, it is insane, and Bagin is now being compared to one of gaming’s absolute worst. “This guy makes Moneybags from Spyro look like a legitimate businessman,” wrote one in the comments.

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What exactly the menacing Bagin does with his fortune is unknown. We’ve only ever seen him standing in his same spot day after day waiting for players to inevitably fill up their inventory and crawl back to him for more space.

Will the injustice ever stop? Will we ever have enough inventory space? Probably not.