Pokemon Legends Arceus’ biggest issues are already being fixed on PC

Pokemon Legends Arceus modsNullPointer

Pokemon Legends Arceus has received plenty of near-perfect review scores, and the modding community has been hard at work fixing the issues keeping it from being a 10/10.

If you’ve seen the reviews from major media outlets, you know what Pokemon Legends Arceus has seen an immense amount of praise. Ever our own critic rated the game a 9/10. However, there seems to be one universal issue that held critics back from giving the game a perfect score.

It’s no secret that Pokemon has struggled to transition into the 3D era. The gameplay and graphics have suffered some immense growing pains, but the former has been resolved in Legends Arceus. Yet, it is still lacking in the graphics department.

Pokemon Legends Arceus has been badgered for its graphics, which is disappointing, as its gameplay is held in high regard. That’s why the modding community on gamebanana.com has worked tirelessly to fix all of the game’s biggest issues.

Pokemon Legends isn’t ugly anymore

upscaled terrain mod klabber pokemon legendsKlabber
A mod using AI upscales the terrain graphics from 256×256 to 1024×1024.

PLA’s most glaring issue is its muddy graphics, poor render distance, and low frames-per-second. But thanks to the power of modding, players can now enjoy Legends Arceus with a fresh coat of paint.

There are four mods out right now that make major improvements to the game’s visuals. The AI Upscaled Terrain Textures mod from Klabber improves the visuals of most terrain. The Sky & Moon Improvement Mod from NullPointer adds new stunning visuals to everything above the terrain.

With this newfound graphical prowess, there are more mods that will allow players to see these mods at work in the distance. The first is Trees/NPC draw distance + LoD which increases the range at which players can see trees and Pokemon. The other is Quality of Life Enhancements from Zero-Chan that allows Pokemon in the distance to move at 30 FPS.

According to forums on Gamebanana, modders are already working on getting the entire game running at 60 FPS.

Pokemon Legends enhanced gameplay mods

enhanced partner mod pokemon legends chuchueaterchuchueater
Pokemon don’t auto-return if the player gets too far away in the Enhanced Partner Pokeball mod.

While Legends Arceus’ gameplay is pretty solid, there are still a few hitches here and there. But as you could have guessed, these have been fixed or are being worked on by modders.

The aforementioned Quality of Life Enhancement mod also removes the black bars from combat, increases the slope sliding angle, and allows players to run infinitely. Two of these fixes greatly improve the player’s mobility while traversing Hisui.

The Enhanced Partner PokeBall mod from chuchueater has a number of small fixes that add up to a super solid mod. Pokemon are no longer forced into Pokeballs when players run too far away. Trainers can start battle sequences from a much greater distance. Thrown berries last significantly longer. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, while Pokemon Legends Arceus has only been out for a few days, modders have already started solving all of its problems. And as the modding community continues its work, PLA will just keep getting better and better.