Pokemon Legends Arceus fans discover hidden Gen 4 easter egg

Connor Knudsen
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One Pokemon Legends Arceus player has found a Gen 4 easter egg in the place where you’d least expect it, a barren garden.

Pokemon Legends Arceus, the brand-new Pokemon game, takes place in the ancient Hisuian region but has several ties to the Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum games.

Those Gen 4 games possess much of the deeper lore behind the entire franchise, and Arceus helps to nicely complement that story with great lore all its own.

To boot, one player has found an easter egg connection between the two that helps tell one of the lesser-known stories in Gen 4.

Pokemon Platinum easter egg found in Legends Arceus

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There is a lot of lore packed into Pokemon Legends Arceus due to the game’s epic setting.

In Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum, there is a town that players can visit called Floaroma town that has a beautiful flower patch growing in it.

But, in those games, you are told that long ago the town was barren, “avoided by even Pokemon.” Nothing would grow there, despite people’s best efforts to populate the rough ground with flowers.

Rewind to the ancient time in which Pokemon Legends Arceus takes place, and you’ll have the chance to stumble upon Floaro Garden.

This is an abruptly barren patch of dead leaves and grass that players can find amidst a field in the game.

The Pokemon Company / u/rustphase31
The barren wasteland in Legends Arceus is made into a lovely town in Pokemon’s Gen 4 games!

With the similarity in name and the exact match of description, this is no doubt the location referenced in the Gen 4 games and is a great easter egg for long-time players to discover.

And it’s not the only one that Reddit user rustphase31 has found in their journey through the Hisuian region, as the game seems to make several connections to Gen 4 games.

Sendoff Springs and Spring Path are other great examples that can be seen in the post below.

Between the game’s compelling plot, quirky villain, and radically new gameplay, Pokemon fans continue to be impressed with Pokemon Legends Arceus.

But, what other easter eggs could there be?

Surely, as players continue to put more hours in, more and more great little references back to the franchise will be found. As they are, we’ll continue to provide updates, so stay tuned!